Hi im ttc but im finding it a little difficult, for the past 3 times ive tried before and when ive been ovulating and it feels like im pregnant but when I get checked out by my doctor it turns out I have a UTI, I started to Ovulate on the 23rd so we had sex on the 23rd 24th and the 26th, now I know its only been a week but im getting mild cramps in my stomach and sometimes in my ribs, tender breasts that have shootin pains every now n then, achin thighs, lower and high back ache, im getting more headaches and sometimes I get chest pains which I never had before aswell, I usually sleep on my belly but cant now cause it makes me feel sick, its been 11 days now since I ovulated and im still cramping with tender breasts Im also having alot of white discharge its like a creamy sort but it dousnt smell and it dousnt itch or burn like the last 1 (just the itching not the burning) Im just hopeing this isnt another UTI and something will come of this, Im just waiting to miss a period, its due on the 7th (3 days) but its so fustrating having to wait, do you think this is something I should be concerned about? I really want to be pregnant :-( , has any1 else had these symptons?