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For me the past few months have been a rough journey where I have been very sick and pingponged between believing I was pregnant and believing it must just be a cyst. My boyfriend has gone from saying he was positive I was to thinking it was all in my head to thinking I was again. Point is we're not sure.

When all the sickness started we took a test. I had bad morning sickness and my boobs were super sore. There was a faint positive line. We ignored it and waited another month before I got a blood test. It came out negative. After that every urine test and a second blood test came out negative. When I had the second blood test I would have been 23ish weeks, which a friend of mine said my hormone lvls would have dropped and not shown in the test. Don't know if that's true. I remember my mom having similar problems with me. She had been told she couldn't get pregnant, but when she got sick she tested. She repeatedly got negatives until she was 7 months along. At 7 months she started showing and getting positives. It had been because her HCG was too high for the tests to read. I also know someone who never tested positive in their pregnancy because their body produced some chemical which masked the HCG.

When I went to schedule my first ultrasound because I was concerned the dr. spent 10 minutes explaining why ultrasounds don't cure you and so it's pointless to get one done. He refused me one. The second attempt my obgyn felt the lump in my lower stomach, told me it was a loop of bowel, and refused me an ultrasound.

The past month I have been feeling bubble sensations in my lower stomach like goldfish swimming when I didn't have gas. I contributed it to my imagination. A week ago I felt a sensation so strong behind my bellybutton like a strong tap. I was sure it was a kick. I felt it a few more times in different areas. I felt my stomach up above my bellybutton is hard and i feel a mass in there. Sometimes I feel what can only be described as squirming. Other times I feel normal except I get tired very easily. In fact, my bf is annoyed by how much I sleep now. I also have darker areolas and they have began to expand. My bellybutton is also wider and more shallow. Over the past six months I've struggled with lower back pain and a whole list of symptoms that are similar to what happens in pregnancy.The first few months I was always throwing up, but it cleared up and I got a huge appetite.

The past week I have also felt morning sickness again. I get full and can't eat all that much without getting sick. I also get this pressure low in my pelvis and I start to get a burning cramping sensation. The pain goes away after a few minutes and comes and goes throughout the day. I went to the er due to these pains. I explained to the dr how I thought I was pregnant and how my mother didn't show positive on tests until she was 7 months pregnant. He said "we're not talking about your mom". He ignored my elevated blood pressure and my swollen eyes which I had woken up with and could not explain and told me that I had a bowel obstruction without even examining me. He said it was against hospital rules to give me an ultrasound unless I could prove I was pregnant. He ignored that I had a history of cysts. He also ignored that recently my feet have been tingling and numb as well as my hands. My bf's mom who doesn't know about any of this thinks the cramping is a uti and my feet and hands are poor circulation. I have had increased white creamy discharge really bad this month, but it doesn't have an odor.

Last month I thought I was showing. I went from a somewhat flat tummy to a bump under my bellybutton. It did look like I could just be gaining weight. However, this month the bump has moved up more center and I am round. It scares my boyfriend because he doesn't think it looks like normal weight gain.

Point is I don't know what's happening to me. Last six months have been hell. Everywhere I go since I'm testing negative nobody will have anything to do with me, but I am incredibly sick. How can I go about getting an ultrasound without being turned away? Do I look pregnant/sound pregnant, or just crazy? Could it be a cyst? Has this happened to anyone else? I am scared to death of being on of those I Didn't Know I was Pregnant girls because I live in a farm house in the middle of nowhere and it takes a squad 2 hrs to get out to us. I am going insane by all of this because I feel like sh*t, don't know where to turn, and all these random symptoms that showed up when I was perfectly healthy I can't ignore. I'd also like to hear stories if anyone knows anyone or have heard/read or it's happened to them that they didn't know they were pregnant until later on or something like what's happening to me.

Also, I think it should be noted because it will be asked: I have PCOS. All my life my cycles have been irregular. I started losing weight and dropped from 260 to 170 also dropping to an A cup. At this point I began to have a regular cycle which was on the 15th of every month and lasted 6 days. I bled lightly in August, which is when I think I conceived if i am pregnant, for 1 day brown and light without much cramping. I went to the dr for morning sickness and tender swollen breasts and he put me on birth control because he said it sounded like my symptoms were hormonal. Before the birth control my boobs had swollen up to a C cup out of the blue. I have not had a period since August. I am still taking birth control off and on, though when I do not take the pills I do not bleed or cramp.

Another problem I had was the one day I just randomly woke up with a swollen eye. It was swollen shut. Right now every day my eyes are really swollen on the bottom lid. My boyfriend made a comment about it the other day and I thought it could be water retention. Could water retention also cause my stomach to swell? I am concerned that when I weighed 40 lbs more my stomach was still much smaller than it is now. Also, the past few days I've had what feels like morning sickness and my stomach is very sore like I was hit with a bat.

I went to the er for chest pain last month and my dr said that I was constipated as a diagnosis and gave me a lot of lax. I didn't take any of the meds given to me because I have not been constipated at all. I was constipated a lot a few months back, but for the last two months I have been more regular than I have been in my entire life. I have never had weight gain as strange as this. What could be wrong with me?


This is me in June of last year, a month before I had symptoms. I was actually pretty flat-chested and the picture looks weird because my bras did not actually fit in the cup area.

This is me in early December. My breasts have gotten swollen and I have weight gain under my bellybutton at this point.

This was January, early January. I was getting depressed with how swollen my stomach is and how I am always tired. I was going to bed at 7 pm when I used to be able to stay up until 5 am. I had only gained 5 lbs but I look huge. The bump has moved from lower stomach to more in the center.

This is most recent. This was actually yesterday. My bf says I look pregnant. My boobs are Dcup and fuller and swollen, however theyre dwarfed by my distended stomach. As my bf puts it, I'm getting "round"when usually I gain weight pretty evenly. When I was 260 I gained it in my face and my stomach and my legs and arms. Now I have gained a very small amount in my face, but it's all in my stomach and boobs. My legs and arms are still small. I was a size 10, now my 16's are way too tight.


Also, I thought I should mention since I forgot to in the original post of this thread, I have been having hot flashes. I started to overheat four months ago at night, but that went away. However, lately even when it is cold in the room I have been having hot flashes and my face starts to heat up and my cheeks burn. My lower stomach feels heavy, like there is a stone inside it and sometimes I feel pressure low in my pelvis. When I went to the er last they told me that my d-dimer was high and I have read that can happen in pregnancy, but I don't know if it is related. And I'm not sure if this is related either. Lately it has been really painful to have sex. My boy friend claims I have gotten extremely tight. It's to the point where he can't get it all in anymore like he used to be able to.