Good day all good people!

I know there is some text here, but I just want to be detailed with description.

Problem: Skin problem on back, shoulders, face and and stomach pain.

I am 27 years old. Native Norwegian and live in Norway in Europe (North of Europe). 1.83m and 84kg.

Some starter information:

When I was 16 years old, I got chicken pox for the second time, at least that is what the doctor thought. It was horrible, the skin was unbelievable horrible. And after this, my skin on my back and shoulders never got nice again. Since that I have had a lot of blisters / pimples / zits (from now on I just call them blisters). I have tried many things, but I have never gotten well. And now i have a lot of scars, and this has also affected my selfesteam for many years as you may understand. This could also be one thing that may have caused depression in some way, I am not sure. But its better now with depression, but the depression subject it not why I am writing to you you now. How has not been a bit depressed sometimes? :)

Still now, 27 years, I got a lot of blisters. And they hurt a lot, and it takes energy to always have some sort of infection. There is always blood on my t-shirts, and stuff. And I really want to get a conclusion on this, and hopefully get a solution for this.

I have most of my life had a weak immune system, got a lot sick, but this is a bit better.

From I was about 16-21 i was drinking heavily (could easily be 3-4 days a week with a lot of alcohol, 12 and more units of alcohol per night), with also doing a lot of different drugs. This really took a hit on my liver I think. Drugs like amphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine.. And a lot of pot smoking. Today I can really feel it when drinking sometimes, but I do not take any drugs of any kind now, and I drink very little Alcohol now (or something like every week some units of alcohol). I can really feel the alcohol is not doing any good in my body. Much pain the next day.. could very be a beer or two, or perhaps a whiskey or two.. this is enough to get pain the next day. I smoked a lot of regular cigarettes, and I remember my doctor really told me to stop smoking, I was coughing blood many times. And I stop ed smoking when I was 21-22 years old.

For most of my life, I have had pain in my stomach. It varies - but usually I have had a lot of pain. And as long as I can remember, at least when I were older - I had a lot of problems.. I have to go to the bathroom a lot, I don't know anyone that needs to go to the bathroom so much as me, and have so much problems with a stomach as me. My stomach can really see be «big» sometimes. Probably something is not working there.


Well my two sisters also are very sensitive to what kind of food they eat, and get really easy bad. But they don't have skin problems like me. They all get problems when eating a lot of wheat stuff. Lose a lot of energy. My two cousins on one side has the same problems. I would actually think that my father also has some intolerance, but he does not listen to what his body tells him. None of them have gotten any diagnose about this, and I don't know how much they have talked to a doctor. Well, my sister just got the diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome.

What I have tried:

  • Different antibiotics: Like: Ery-Max (Erthromycin) Some helped a bit on skin, but not completely. But I can not go on antibiotics for years. I was very bad for my stomach to go on this antibiotics. I even took these these bacterias for stomach to soften the antibiotic affections on the stomach. But I have quited this completely because of side affects, and it does not help with the situation.
  • ACID on skin: Tried different acid on ski, but it does not help. Because the most of the skin comes deep under the skin.
  • Very stickied diet: I almost only ate salad for a while, it helped a bit. But this is a very very hard diet, and you can not live like this forever.
  • A lot of sauna, to clean out the skin, does not help.
  • I don't eat very unhealthy, and eat a balanced way. Do not eat much bread, and if I eat bread - I eat very healthy bread. I am not overweigth of anything. (PS, we have a very much more balanced way of eating and exercise in generally in Norway compared to US).
  • Solarium (sometimes helps a bit, but not much)
  • Regular workouts.
  • Many different skin products.
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Colon cleansing
  • Tried to keep away from milk, cheese and stuff like that.
  • Many many different supplements of vitamins - Omega types, Vitamin A, B,

What I have seen can make it worse:

Alcohol (especially some beer types), stress, sometimes if I have eaten unhealthy food for a while, lack of sleep, bathing/showering in warm water. Coffee is very bad for my stomach, I need to go to the toilet within 30 min if I drink coffee.
What I know that my stomach and my energy really drains is when I eat something that has like all white bread stuff. So I try to eat as little as possible of wheat and stuff, but i eat some.
Spicy food can make stomach pains. 

What kind of test I have taken at the doctor:

  • I took one test at a alternative doctor, and I got a list over things that I should stay away form, at least for a while, and some of them I think can be very true. When I was following the list, my stomach was much better.
  • I have been at a regular doctor, and all they have done - is to give me different antibiotics. They have done many blood test, but they never find anything. I have been afraid, and still are that I have coeliac disease or something in that way, but they have taken a blood test, and they could not find anything of coeliac disease. But I know that regular blood test are not many times reliable to find is one has coeliac disease.

What I personally think is can be:

  • Coeliac disease (Read articles about that Scandinavian people get this easier than the rest of the world)
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Cronh`s disease

How my regular food intake is:

I am not so very very balanced on when I eat. But I eat perhaps cereal for breakfast with milk, and eat a lot of warm food, like that best. In the last weeks, I have mostly been eating veggies and chicken/fish. Its a bit better with the stomach when I eat like that. The stomach is not so bloated then. But the skin is still not so good.

Concerned about:

I am so tired much of the time now.. And have been that for a long time. I usually worked about 160-180 hours a month. Plus about 100-150 hours a month with volunteer work for a organisation. So I am very very busy. But I have to make some changes in my life to cope - so sold my business. But still a busy life. And I always feel tired.. and many times I am afraid that I have chronic fatigue syndrome, or that I am going to develop that. With much pain in my stomach a lot, have had sleeping disorder (a bit better now) and always a infection that are working in my back/shoulders.. And I have had a though life also.. So my energy is very low, and I am a bit concerned about my future, I am still young - and I have many good years in front of me. I really want to find out what is wrong with my body, so that I can make the best of it with my condition, or if it is possible to get rid if the problems.

I am really really getting low energy, and are concerned about my future like this.


Back (don't mind the "light brown circles", its been a alternative doctor using some cups to drain out some from the skin)



I hope that someone can help me :)