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Everyone is having a baby or walking around with pregnant bellies. Does that make you cry?

Everyone is having a baby or walking around with pregnant bellies Does that make you cry? Or, does it make you sad, angry? Are you aware of your triggers? Are the kids on the playground? Is it a cute little pink dress you saw the other day? When fertility issues arise, they can be emotionally devastating Devastating in its true meaning It is extremely difficult to cope with fertility issues especially when being around friends and families that are enjoying the pleasures of parenthood. Or when someone gives an innocent comment. Yes, sharing problems, especially fertility problems isn t easy for everyone. And sometimes you are just not ready to share them that s okay.

1. Step: You need to know your triggers

First of all, let s face it: it is impossible to predict every situation, but there are definitely situations and events that you know trigger your negative emotions. These may include baby showers, family gatherings, announcements of births, maybe even get-togethers with friends from school When you are aware of these triggers or when you are able to identify them, it is much easier to plan in advance and to avoid them if possible, or to prepare for them if you cannot avoid them.

2. Step: Practical things to consider I was writing before about sharing sometimes we don t want to share, we want to keep things for ourselves.

But this may sometimes not be the most practical option. For example you are undergoing a fertility treatment, and you do need to tell your supervisor and explain the situation. Perhaps you have the luxury of working for yourself, but most people do not and those who don t do have to face with situation like this. When in a situation like this, you do need a confidential conversation with your supervisor or your friend at work, and you do need to explain the situation. Let them know it is confidential (of course if you would like it to be confidential).

3. Step: You and your partner are a priority

Getting pregnant and fertility issues are not just your problem these problems are the problems of your partner too; this is why it is called partnership. You two together should decide how open and how private you want to keep your fertility problems. You two together should decide how you shall manage strange situations and awkward questions. If you two think you cannot manage all the stress, please do visit a counselor. It is nothing wrong with that , but absolutely nothing! Sometimes there are things and problems we cannot manage ourselves and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Fertility problems are often much bigger then we could ever dare to think, so the best thing to do in situations like this is to get help. Sometimes this is the healthiest and most positive way for you and your partner. The sooner you seek counseling, the easier the emotional journey of trying to get pregnant will be.

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