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I am 35 years old, my husband and I have been trying to become pregnant for this last 3 months (will be my first pregnancy). I already feel pregnant ( have several pregnancy symptoms) but my husband thinks that I'm experiencing a phantom pregnancy. Here is the thing. I have a very regular period, the cycle length changes from time to time, but this last several months it has been around 20 - 22 days. My last 'real' period was on Sept 23, lasted about 5 days as usual. After that we were intimate every other day during my ovulation period (which should be around one week - 10 days after my period since my cycle is short). Anyway, after that I started having slight bleeding on October 15th. Since it was around the exact time for next my period (after Sept 23), I thought it was my period arriving in time as usual. The only thing different was that the bleeding was very light and lasted for 16 days! Yes 16 days! (I didn’t feel any pain so I didn’t bother going to the hospital.) Since the bleeding was very light, I’m sure that I wasn’t having a period but something was wrong (hormonal imbalances??? Etc???) which caused the light bleeding.
My period is usually very heavy on the second day and gets lighter and lighter until it ends after 4 - 5 days. One week after this light bleeding started, my breasts became sore and swollen (as it does usually before my period comes) and since the bleeding was light and not like my normal period, I thought that I might be pregnant. So I did a HPT on Oct 25th, which is around 4 weeks + several days after my period on Sep 23 so if I am pregnant, should have been pregnant for around 4 weeks at that time), but the result was negative.
Ever since then (for around 3 weeks now) I have been feeling discomfort in my breasts (but not so soar anymore), and they are definitely heavier and bigger than what is used to be. Also I feel my heart is pounding harder and faster, sometimes I feel really hard to breathe, I feel like throwing up after every meal. I feel sleepy most of the time if not all day long. I’ve gained 2.2 lbs last month. Also my belly is showing a little at the lower abdomen, please see below for the picture (taken this morning with an empty stomach):¤t=belly.jpg

My husband thinks it's belly fat but I've had belly fat before and it feels different (feels a little hard now.) Usually my belly is really flat, since I'm kind of skinny (5.2' / 99 lbs) and even if I overeat and get a huge stomach, the next day it will become flat right away.
So looking at my belly and with all the pregnancy symptoms I'm experiencing I really think that I'm pregnant.
But then, I took another HPT on Nov 15th (would be around 7 weeks into my pregnancy if I'm pregnant) but again the result was negative.

I understand that many people have experienced several negative results before finally getting a positive result and find out that they are already 3 - 4 months pregnant.

So I really want to go the hospital to get a blood test or an ultra sound but my husband doesn't want me to go and have a bunch of pregnancy tests (wasting time and money) until at least the HPT shows positive. And he really thinks that I'm experiencing a phantom pregnancy. I understand that people having phantom pregnancy can experience the similar symptoms from a real pregnancy and their belly can even get big so I really don't know what to think. Plus since I had the unusual light bleeding for 16 days in October, maybe all this symptoms I am experiencing is because of hormonal imbalances???

By the way, my last period should have come on Nov 5, but it didn't come.
And that was 2 weeks ago.

What do you think???
Am I pregnant or am I having a phantom pregnancy?
Or my hormones are just messed up?
Also I would like to know if someone has ever experienced light bleeding for over 2 weeks during early pregnancy.

I will definitely take another HPT in 1 – 2 weeks so I will let you know how that goes…!


Sorry, here is the correct link for my belly picture:


i do beleive u are pregnant looks like u have a lil bump comming (:

id wait a few then take a test, if u are then congrats (:


Hi, I'm curious to know if u did end up being preggo. I'm going through almost the same situation, my last normal af was on 10/7 I have a 31 day cycle and i. Had started to spott lightly on 11/03 and it ended on 11/16. Now this month no period at all or bleeding I did feel preg all last week bt this week not too much. I have beenpreg one other time and have a 2 year old girl. Oh I forgot me and my partner have been trying to concieve for 2 months now.


in the mean time get on prenatel vitamins.. i think you can get them at walmart.. or at least start taking folic acid and vitamin c pills and try to take in alot of calcium.. it sounds like you are pregnant and i heard that it is very important to take prenatel vitimans in the first trimester.. also i think you should really search on here and find a user named bambi27.. she is great lol she always seems to have the best advice for those thinking they are pregnant.

actually here is her link.. send her a message im sure she can help you