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i started taking the depo vera shot about a year and a half ago. didnt really have any problems but a little mood change and some spotting at first. i quit taking it about 5 months ago before i got married because my husband and i decided we wanted to start a family right after marriage and my doctor told me that it could take about six months for the depo to get out of my system. since then ive had light spotting when i go to the bathroom, but my period has not started.

I wanted to know how long its taken other people to become fertile again and what tricks there are or pills to help me. Also i wanted to know if maybe taking the pill for a month or so would kick my period in again and what people thought.


Hi lilangel. I think that it's pretty much up to time at this point. I don't think that you will be able to hurry your hormones along other than wait it out. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but have you gotten yourself ready for pregnancy in every other aspect so that when your hormones finally do stabilize, you'll be able to concieve faster? Keep us posted.