Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you all about my experience quitting 400mg of Seroquel RX cold turkey and to be an encouragement to anyone trying to get off of it.  

This is my first ever post so forgive me if I miss hitting on some of the keys people look for in these kind of things,  I’ll do my best. 

I’ve been on Seroquel for well over 5 years, I’ve been on dosages as high as 800mg, 400mg during the day and then 400mg at night for sleep,  the majority of the time I’ve been on it, it has been 400 mg Rx once nightly.  

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to be pill free, I don’t want to rely on anything to get me through a day anymore.  This is a big change from my twenties when I couldn’t stop coming up with reasons to take pills but I’m more mature now into my 30s  and committed to living a natural life. 

Five weeks ago I stopped taking my Seroquel 400 RX cold turkey and having done my research I was prepared for the worst.  I’ve read post after post about some horrible experiences, everything from heart attacks to nausea and vomiting for weeks at a time but on the rare occasion I found a few key people who didn’t seem to withdraw as much as others so I took my cue from them,  here is what I did. 

Day one and two were not so bad I was jittery  with minor cold sweats,  this was expected after depriving my body of something it has been relying on for years. I did nothing but let my body adjust.  

The rest of the the first and second week was when I really began to feel it, anxiety, goosebumps all day, aching muscles, cold sweats, really bad headaches, very little sleep, stomach pain, and vomiting.  During this time I only missed work on one occasion, I knew this was coming and was willing to except that I would have to go through it to be free of this dependency.  Sitting around the day I took off of work was worse then the days I went in, the anxiety was crazy, I ate nothing and didn’t sleep a wink. 

The next week I started taking 30 min walks daily,  it is a fact that exercise stimulates the brain and creates endorphins which is key in replacing what the Seroquel was giving me.  It is not easy to do anything physical when you are hurting but what I’ve learned from my first week is that if I got out and made myself do something, anything, for a short period of time during the day I would be able to sleep or at least relax during the night.  However, I was still waking up every 45min during the night with anxiety.  Not only did walking calm me down when the anxiety was at it’s worst it also stimulated my appetite and shortened the span of the detox process by sweating out toxins. 

The next week all of the symptoms mentioned above are still present but on a much lower scale!  I’ve added reading at night instead of watching TV research shows it is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your mind.  Without a doubt I would have done this in the previous few weeks but I found it very hard to concentrate on reading when I was so anxious and shivering all the time.  Along with my 30 minute walks I go to the gym and sit in the hot tub or sauna for about 15 min at a time.  I find that sweating in the sauna really cuts down on the amount of anxiety, cold sweats and goosebumps I get during the day.  I want to point out that I am not running, I’m walking, rapidly increasing my heart rate scares me so I don’t do it. 

Week 5 I’m sleeping for 4 hrs uninterrupted and am able to go back to sleep for another 3 hrs without a problem every night this week, no cold sweats very little anxiety, no vomiting.  I do still have a little stomach pain, mostly at night, so I am eating soups and soft foods only.   I don’t need to take walks anymore and I’m even able to take a nap in the afternoon if I want.  I have an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction for making it through this and am extremely grateful this wasn’t worse then it was.   

Believing your body can and will heal itself is important, if you simply just want to be off of any medication or drug but keep telling yourself how bad it will be or how because of a chemical imbalance in your system you still won’t be normal even after you quit might be setting yourself up to fail.  Personally, my mindset was exactly that for years I was dead set on being dependent on pills for the rest of my life.  Find something you can anchor your emotions to when things get really hard like sobriety, your family and loved ones who are pulling for you, even your faith.  I hope this helps someone.