Researchers said that certain groups of people have increased risk of developing cancer than others. Those people are cleaners, truck drivers, growers of fruit and vegetables, hair dressers and sewing machinists. Experts explained that meat workers were at risk because they are exposed to animal viruses, cleaners through chemicals, truck drivers because of petrochemicals and workers employed in metal product manufacturing through exposure to trace metals.

Researchers found that lymphoma risk was observed for field – crop and vegetable growers especially for women. They also found that farmers who spray pesticides manually have more chance of developing cancer than people who use machines. Hairdressers and sewing machinists were found to have increased chance of developing bladder cancer than other workers because they are exposed to the group of carcinogens called aromatic amines. Although some products are banned there are still some similar substances that are used in common fabric and hair dyes.

Scientists say that they are still working on finding what specific products and what specific exposure represent great risk of developing cancer.