Researchers found in the last research six more gene regions that are related to severest form of lupus. Lupus is a very complex autoimmune disease which mostly attacks women. It has ability to cause human antibodies which represent frontline troops in the defense system and they attack body tissues. It ends with inflammation which is often mild but in some cases it can be life – threatening. It’s interesting that almost 90% of all lupus patients are female.

Researchers discovered that these six genes play great part in the molecular pathway of systemic lupus erythematosus which is a chronic form of lupus and it affects skin, lung, blood vessels, brain and nervous system. One of this six genes was found to be the greatest risk of lupus and still, scientists found no cure for this disease. Treatments are based only on inflammation but finding genes which are related to lupus is of great importance for further researches.

Doctors claim that identifying people who are at risk for developing lupus is important because these people can change their lifestyle in order to avoid triggering the disorder and receive some drugs that could help blocking or easing disease process.