im 22. I have been on the pill since October 2004. I take it at the same time when i am supposed to (i have the alarm on my watch set to remind me). In april 06 i had severe cramping in my lower left side during the mid cycle point. i could barely walk and the pain lasted 4 days. every cycle after that the pain returned to the same side. it would go away within a few days.
in october i hemoraged mid-cycle with severe cramping. the doctors were convinced i had missed some pills and i truly hadn't.
lately, i have noticed that the pain is starting to go into my pelvic bone. it hurts to walk, and the lymph nodes surrounding it are swollen like marbles.
my flow has also became heavy. i don't understand what's going on as the pill prevents ovulation, heavy bleeding, and all this stuff that i shouldnt have.
i went to the emerg 3 days ago in excruciating pain and they gave me a urine test, blood test and xray'd my stomach. they told me i was constipated and had a bladder infection. i knew that both weren't true. i'm very regular, twice a day. and peeing was fine. i have had bladder infections before and you can't forget that discomforting pain.
they won't listen to me and look into the area that it is happening in.
the joints in my hands are stiffening up too, which has recently happened as the pain gets worse.
i have lost a bit of a weight, which is welcomed, but i didn't plan. i did think it was weird to drop 10 pounds over the holidays.
so if anybody has similair symptoms or answers, or advice i would greatly appreciate it.