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Hi I need all your help.

My last aunt flo visit was March 14 for 5  days. I had sex on March 23, no condom but I am on the pill. My calculated ovulation date is today. Can someone give me the percentage of being pregnant? I hate not being able to find a percentage or an exact answer. I know once you are done sugar pills and start talking the yellow pills again, the first 2 are not 100% protecting you, but all the pills after that are. I take my pill within the same 30 minute window every night. 

Can someone help me please.


Hi Mhcc,

The pills are about 98-99% effective so it is very unlikely you'll get pregnant.

The odds would be 1-2% then.  You're likely at the lower end since you are consistent with the pills.

Actually, you are protected.  It's unlikely you'll get pregnant during that period, including the first few pills.  There is only a very narrow window, about 48 hours, during which conception can occur.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.

Hope it helps.



Thank you very much Medic-Dan!
That calmed me down very much!