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Hi,I met my boyfriend on 2nd of October. I got involved he had wore a condom the wrong way and he flipped it and wore it again he wiped the top of the condom with a cloth as there was a bit of semen on the top but I am scared if I can get pregnant but as a precaution I took an I Pill , the next day due to certain other circumstances I had to consume another i-pill my periods was already delayed now there are no signs of it coming I am puking in the morning after brushing n after having food I feel like my stomach is full of gas is it the after effect of the pills how many ore days am I supposed to wait before I go for a pregnancy test. Can I get Pregnant? I am not ready for pregnancy right now. Please Help


Hi Anjal,

It is unlikely you are pregnant, at least from having sex on the 2nd October.  You took the Ipill in time and were already late so the egg would not be viable.  You'd be unlikely to conceive then.  It's also very early for there to be any signs/symptoms.

Did you have sex before then? 

Common side effects of the Ipill include nausea, vomiting, tender/sore breasts, your period being early or late AND it being heavier or lighter than normal.  You really should take no more than ONE emergency contraceptive per cycle.  Side effects can last for months.

Since you are already late you can take a home test now.  If it's positive it is likely you were already pregnant when you took the pill.

Good luck.



Hi medic-dan,

Thanks for your reply.

I didn't had sex before and I took early pregnancy Blood test (HCG Test) on the 5th day which is on 7th of Oct and it came negative but today morning i got brown discharge and bleeding with clots, i don't know weather its my periods or early symptom's for early pregnancy ... i am confused. Is it the effect of I pill or am i pregnant? Please reply. I am totally scared.

Thank you in advance.



It would be too early to test from having sex Oct. 2. It takes at least 2 weeks after sex before the test can become reliable.

Clots and discharge sound like you're having your period. Clots would not be typical of a pregnancy. At 5 days, it would be very early for any symptoms, at most you'd have light spotting - no pads needed, just a few drops.

I still don't believe you are pregnant.