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What do people here think about the probability of getting side effects from sertraline 50 mg? I am going to start today, and I am a little nervous and unsure what to expect. It is my first time on antidepressants and I have heard many a story about scary side effects! Also, how long will it take for the effects of sertraline 50 mg to kick in?


Hi I have been on 200mg of sertraline a day for about 11 years now. Apparently I have problem with the receptors in my brain and cannot make or receive sertraline naturally. Years of stress have burnt them out. Anyway I think it took about a month before I really noticed a difference. I had been suicidal and then I became 'normal'. I still get low ocassionally but it is a normal low not an abnormal brain imbalance inducing suicidal low!

I thank God for the tablets as my Specialist said that most people with my condition don't live past 40, they usually end up committing suicide. I am 50 years old and the tablets have given me no problems and only benefits. I hope you find the same applies to you and they help improve your life as they did for me.

Good luck.