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I was wondering how common does sertraline (Zoloft) side effects include major changes in your appetite? When I first started taking it it was because Prozac completely removed my appetite and I went from normal weight to pretty much underweight. At that point I still had no appetite even when my Zoloft dose was increased to 100 mg daily.

Six months later and I’ve found myself in a completely opposite situation. I keep on gaining and gaining weight while I’m on 100 mg Zoloft. I’ve gained 20 lbs which I thought was impossible and I’m still gaining extra weight. I don’t want to stop taking Zoloft because it’s helping me, but the weight gain is starting to get to me.


Hi Lily,

I was first taking Prozac, then switched to Zoloft just like you have. And I was losing massive amount of weight in a short period of time while I was on Prozac that it was clearly visible and disturbing. That's when I was switched to sertraline 100 mg in the morning.

My appetite did first seem to improve and I gained some weight, but then like on Prozac, I started to lose appetite completely and in other areas as well I didn't feel that Zoloft really helps me. But either way, Zoloft can definitely have an effect on your weight gain.