Hello, I have been with a non bacterial prostatitis for some months, and experienced a lot of pain, i took a lot of antibiotics and gabapentin and after no condition change a doctor sent me to psiqiatrich and he prescribed be sertraline 50 mg, I took like 4 pills of that in 4 days and i felt like sh*t. Nothing compared to the prostatitis painn, Also when i started sertraline another doctor prescribed be some stuff that was a relief to prostatitis. So i was much better, no pain at all, i stopped sertraline. And then all of a sudden i started to feel very dizzy, very very high anxiety, a lot of rage, didnt want to ear anyone talking, a lot of panic all day.. Sleeping very bad.. loosing weight. Second week i felt my heart beating, palpitations.. 

Im starting to feel a little better 3 weeks after that last pill. Did an ECG which turned ok, but still a bit dizzy all day and a little empty inside. 

Is it even possible that 4 pills of that made me this widthdrawal effects ? Or im really crazy and i need medication again ? They want to put me with effexor and i refused.