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I am 21 years old and have been having normal periods. Ever since i began my menstruation, i have never missed a month and i am usually regular. These past 2 months, i have noticed small brown discharge before my actual period. It gets on my liner though so i'm not sure if this is "spotting." This is ABNORMAL for me. I checked some threads online and they said that it could be implantation spotting, however, this is impossible for me, because i am not sexually active. The 1st time it happened, i "spotted" just 2 days before my menstruation but on the 2nd month, it's 5 days before my menstruation. If this matters at all, i also took birth control pills for 6 months due to my acne but stopped because it affected my mood drastically. I stopped taking pills about 7-9 months ago. Does this indicate any health risks?


I doubt that the pills have anything to do with it since it's been so long. Women's periods will change over the course of their life time. Spotting before your period is not unusual.

Women who don't ovulate regularly will experience this before they finally begin their periods. If you do not ovulate regularly then you ought to consider LH strips, HcG pregnancy strips and a fertility monitor of some kind to help determine. All these products will help you know if your ovulating. Another good way (which I do) is the basal body temperature method. It's very easy. You body temp in the morning reflects the fluctuating hormones throughout your cycle. Once you ovulate, your temperature raises about .4 degrees and stays elevated til you start your period. if you don't ovulate, you won't see the jump. Read about this particular method and go to walmart and get a thermometer for about $15.00. Just because you ovulated before now, doesn't mean you ovulate now. Please do this method.

If the brown blood continues longer than one could call spotting and then it turns into more of a menstrual cycle, than most likely you fall into the category of the one who has a sluggish uterus. It is having a hard time expelling the blood from the endometrial lining and you also probably have lighter periods in general. Brown spotting means that the blood is "old". It means that either your period happened a few days or so ago and is just working its way down, or if it is more than just spotting and is brown, it can mean that your uterus is not contracting properly in order to expel endometrial blood (your period).

Progesterone goes up after ovulation, but Estrogen also goes up. Blood collects and creates an endometrial lining due to estrogen, progesterone fluffs the lining in preparation for a baby. This is what is supposed to happen. The cycle then comes near to a close, progesterone declines at the end of the cycle, there is no longer new fresh blood supply to the area, no progesterone fluffing it up. The lining "let's go" and begins to shed. With proper estrogen / progesterone balance the bleeding should be fresh and flow right after normal spotting begins.

If your uterus is not contracting strongly enough, the lining does not slough off in the proper way. might want to consider something like red raspberry leaf tea; a cup a day'll do ya. (Not just the store flavored kind but the real thing.) Rosemary Gladstar recommends that every woman drinks red raspberry leaf tea every day; not just as a quick fix. She recommends red raspberry leaf tea on a regular basis to strengthen and tone the uterus. Even doctors recommend it. After my miscarriage, my doctor recommended taking 2 tablets of Bayer's Baby Dose Aspirin every day because it's proven to help tone the uterus and strengthen it. You might want to try one of these methods.

Another reason for spotting before your period is from Mittleschmirtz. Mittleschmirtz is the German for "middle pain". When you ovulate the egg breaks through the ovary and this can cause twinges of pain and bleeding. This is common among women with ovarian cysts but not always the reason. I have ovulation pain every period but I do not get ovarian cysts. I also bleed when I ovulate because I feel the pain for more than a couple of hours. However, I do not see the blood til I start my period. The day I start, I have brown blood first, then regular blood. Sometimes it just takes a little while for ovulation blood to make its way down.

So.... I highly recommend the basal body temp method asap. Chart your cycles and it will tell you what you need to know.

Let me know it you need more help.