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Right; I've never asked for advice via the internet before so I'm pretty.. nervous... and embarrassed... :$
But I need help;

Whenever I masterbate for some reason my legs tense up really stiff and often start to hurt.
It seems that I need to do this to masterbate, and whenever I try to not do it I can't cum, and my body just forces my legs to tense.
A lot of the times when I try to relax my legs, I just lose all feeling and I'm not even aroused anymore.
I could live with that, but now I need to perform for my girlfriend, and it's embarrasing that it takes me ages to cum. :$

I can't masterbate for long when I'm standing up, and I need to be lying down with my legs sticking out.
I'm worried what I'm gonna do when it comes to full on sex, plus my legs are starting to really hurt in general, even after masterbation.

What's goin on? :-(


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Sorry for postin the topic again, it's just when I read the first one it was from a woman, and the guy hadn't wrote about his problem yet..

Thanks again :-D