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Hi. What a coincidence, I just wanted to ask a question about heel pain after running, when someone posted a question about lower back pain after running. Although it's not the same, I believe that we can use the same type of exercises for preventing pain. Correct me if I'm wrong. If so, what would you recommend me for pain prevention?

Pain occurs only in my heels and only shortly after running. Can my shoes be the cause of this pain or it's more likely to be something else? Can it be my unusual running style (I put my backside of the foot first instead of toes)?


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Hi, Macy.

As I told in my other answer - - it would be a good idea to change running surface.

Also, remember to buy running shoes and put extra arch supports in them. Stretching before and after running is must-do (keep in mind that you can do stretching exercises throughout the day, as well). You can walk a bit before running to warm muscles even more. 

It is good idea to put ice on heel after running, or you can use a bottle with frozen water and gently rolling it under the arch and heel.

I would recommend that you check with your doctor what's the cause of heel pain. Sometimes joggers can get plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinitis.

Hope you'll get rid of heel pain soon.