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Are you expecting? You are probably wondering how to keep your body in great shape so you'll feel good and recover from pregnancy and birth quickly. These lower-body exercises give you a great start.

Exercise during pregnancy has numerous benefits, from relieving stress and lifting your mood to preventing aches and pains and setting yourself up for an easier birth. Working out regularly during pregnancy will keep you looking good, and help you recover more quickly after you have your baby.


Some pregnant women worry about exercising, and think they may hurt their baby if they work out. Unless you suffer from a pregnancy complication that requires you to be on bed rest, or unless your doctor advises you against specific types of exercise, you can be sure that working out is safe.

Perhaps you're unsure where to begin. The seven prenatal exercise videos we're sharing in this article are a good start. They all focus on the lower body — the legs, glutes (butt) and lower back. Weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable and healthy, but you'll bounce back more easily if you maintain strong muscles in the areas that you are probably most worried about. Your legs and butt will look great after pregnancy if you work on them regularly. the whole time you're expecting.

Strong legs are a huge asset for pregnant women, something that becomes increasingly obvious as the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid get heavier. But what are many expectant moms most worried about? The butt is, without a doubt, a top concern. Will your butt get saggy after you give birth, or will you be unable to shed the weight you seem to have put on in that area after you have had your baby?

This exercise targets your glutes. It will make your butt look great! You can use all kinds of things to support your body instead of the contraception shown in the video, like a chair or the wall. Do make sure that you keep the leg that is not engaged in the exercise slightly bent, as shown.

Fat thighs are another dreaded pregnancy side effect. A preemptive strike is the best way to deal with them, and this exercise will help you. You'll need a fitness ball and a chair to perform this simple but effective inner thigh exercise. At the risk of stating the obvious, I'll say that your results will be better if you perform more of these inner-thigh exercises. I'm not just talking about doing more repetitions in one session, but also about starting early on in your pregnancy, before you even show.

The next video shows a fairly complicated exercise that will strengthen your whole lower body. Exercises like these are tricky to describe, but the video shows it very nicely. Those pregnant women who want to make the exercise a little harder can add light dumbbells. Whether you choose to use them or not, this really is a good exercise that will make you feel your muscles work! Once you have reached your third trimester, your baby will act as “dumbbells” for the purpose of this exercise — your little one will weigh you down in a spot very close to where you would hold weights.

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