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Masturbation is defined as mechanical stimulation of genitals in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Studies suggest that masturbation plays an important role in sexual life of every person and even has positive effects on one's physical and mental health. Frequency of masturbation depends on gender, age, education, etc.

In one survey, about 74% of men and 48% of women reported masturbation, and it is stated that persons of younger age and higher level of education masturbate more often.

Positive effects of masturbation

It is suggested that masturbation can decrease the frequency of depressive episodes and contribute to increasing self-esteem. Male masturbation is particularly important because men generally have more frequent need for sexual activity than their female partners. Prevalence of prostate cancer is significantly lower in men who masturbate more frequently. One study conducted in 1997 even noticed that frequent orgasms decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. Manual stimulation of genitals first appears in the early childhood and it is considered very important for sexual development and maturation.

Male masturbation techniques

If you do some Internet research, you will find a number of suggestions on how to masturbate and how to intensify the pleasure during masturbation. They involve different positions, use of one and two hands, suggestions for various lubricants, use of different tools etc. Use of tools is perfectly ok, but it is highly recommended to use commercial, specially designed tools that can be bought in sex shops. Avoid using improvised objects made from different materials as they can damage skin of penis and cause irritation or infection. Also avoid techniques that involve torsion, punching and other mechanical maneuvers that can hurt penis.

Anal stimulation can also be a part of male masturbation.

Anus contains nerve endings sensitive to pressure and touch, so more intense pleasure can be achieved if anus is stimulated along with penile masturbation. Tools for anal penetration can be used to apply the pressure on prostate which is located in front of the anus, thus resulting in more pleasurable and longer lasting orgasms.

Safety issues of male masturbation

Traditional ways of male masturbation are generally considered safe and even beneficial. On the other hand, there are some safety issues related to non-traditional and extreme techniques. Hands and tools should always be clean before masturbation in order to avoid infections with bacteria from the environment. Never use improvised tools, especially for anal penetration. You would be surprised with the number of patients presented in the emergency room because of different objects stuck in their rectum and anus during anal masturbation. Those objects can also damage anal mucosa and cause bleeding and injuries.

Feel free to experiment with your sexuality and keep finding new ways to satisfy your sexual needs, but stay away from potentially harmful techniques that can impair your health.

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