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i need some streches for your hip and bottom and hamstring together if that is possible.... i have been having some tightness issues with these areas on my right leg... if you have any ideas just tell me the name of the strech or you can tell me how to strech it out i really need some new streches. it has been bringing me to the ground sometimes leaving me this sharp pain in my bottom or hip.



Since I've been trying to exercise alongside steadyhealth videos, here are some videos that address your problems. First, hamstring stretches:

You can also take a look at these two: 

Piriformis muscle stretch:

and Stretch your gluts: buttocks stretching for piriformis muscle:

The videos are available on Youtube, too so it's easy to make a playlist. Also, if you're experiencing problems with cramp-like tightness in your legs, taking magnesium supplement is very helpful.