Now I said safer -not safe- When I was going through wd's I crawled the forms looking for answers and was so scared at the way I was feeling- totaly alone and isolated...too ashamed to go to emergency...through the grace of God..I made through the 7 days it took to feel relatively functional and "out of the woods" I went cold turkey....bad idea.

2 years later I relapsed...for an entire year...but i knew I had to I did it differently, I tapered...2 beers less every night for a week, then another 2 beers less for another week, and then I was down to just what would take the edge off for 2 weeks. In a month..I stopped , with mild repercussions..compared to the horror show I endured the first time...I guess what I want to express is you have to want to taper..isn't easy, so if you really want to stop-cold turkey is in my opinion not the way.

If this helps one person..I am pleased.

Good luck, and believe me when I say there is a truly much better life without alcohol: