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Speaking from your own personal experience, what do you think is the most effective method that a person can do to reduce alcohol consumption?


I tapered down all the way to zero last year because I didn't want a medical detox on my record.  

First you need to avoid alcohol during the day...  No more cocktails at lunch!  

Then, I just started my evening tipple later and later in the evening, while always going to bed at the same time.  

I took it very slowly...  Reduced my evening ration by one drink per night every week, till I was down to 50% of my start level.  Then slowed down to one less drink per night every month until I was clean.  

The first part was actually the hardest part.  The actual leap to sobriety after my last month at 1 drink per night was easy.  

It takes discipline and willpower, but it's a much better way to go than a rapid benzo detox.  Easier on your brain and body.  

Everybody (who drinks too much) wants to quit drinking at some point.  The problem is, they just don't want to start today.  That's the beauty of a taper detox.  You can start today because you get to keep drinking.  You just drink a little less every week/month until you are controlling alcohol, instead of the other way around.  


Thanks for your insight. It will help others start the road to sobriety.


Here are some tips on how to drink less this year:
1. Stress less. The more stressed you are, the higher is your chance of turning to alcohol to relieve your stress.
2. Don't drink alone. 
3. Don't store alcoholic beverages at home.
4. Seek help if you think you can't quit by yourself and trust God that He will pull you through.
Have a sober year everyone!