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drink most nights trying my best to come off it but every time i have night off i'm feeling dizzy light headed achy all over my body and gag to be sick but normaly nothing comes up. i normally feel alot better after 2-3 cans larger then the horrible week body feel goes away. also get bad panic attacks with alot anxiety sometimes finding it hard to go out as have no energy and feel weak. think im losing my mind. having bad dreams. DONT get the shakes that often unless i have a panic attack which normally comes on from bad hangover!! can some one give me some advice if this alcohol withdrawal symptoms WITH OUT the bad shakes???


YES!  Your symptoms are classic.  I went through detox on my own last year.  I tapered down in stages, cutting my drinking in half every week until I was clean.  Still I experienced:

Breaking into sweats, terrible anxiety, depression, anorexia, nausea, weakness, dizzy, felt like I was going to have a seizure any second, yet NO SHAKES.  I couldn't understand it myself as the shakes are supposed to be classic symptoms.  

BE CAREFUL!!!  Going cold turkey can be very dangerous if you normally drink 6 or more units a day.  Many have seizures and DIE this way, and if you're not eating or at least taking Vitamin B-Complex two or three times a day you could get permanent brain damage.  Google around on: alcoholic detox, thiamine, and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.  

Don't try going cold turkey alone!  You need to be watched to be sure you don't seize or you could wake up dead tomorrow.  

If you can't get help, drink half you're normal fix for a week or so and get some vitamin B-Complex (low dose taken more often is better than large doses taken less often).  Then cut your alcohol ration in half again for another week or so.  This may prolong the length of your detox, but it will be a lot easier on your body, brain and spirit if you can do a controlled taper off of alcohol rather than going cold turkey.  

If you can get a scrip for benzos (Librium, Valium, etc) these will REALLY HELP, but you can't drink at all on benzos or again, you could wake up dead.  

I'm alcohol free just over a year now, and I'm happy, healthy, and enjoying life.  There IS life after alcohol, and it ain't all that bad.  

Best of Luck to you!


Ok, quit a week ago and have had dizziness,blurred vision,anxiety,loss of appetite and headaches but no shakes as well. I drank 2-6 single shots of vodka a day about 4-5 dys out of the week. I'm sure I'm not going to have a seizure. Every day gets better. Not as dizzy,eating more,not as much anxiety. I'm still full of.anxiety but the breaks in between are getting longer.
I assume this is par for the course ?