Hey people.......I have been on 4mgs of subutext everyday for 2 months.I started on 18mgs a day for 6 months and then slowly tapered down. I used to take about 40 vicodin (hydrocodone) 750 mgs a day of or anything with opium and or it's derivatives  I don't want anyone trying to get clean to use my method cause it was stupid but seems to be working. I simply stopped taking the subutext and got back on the vics. My addiction came back stronger then before and boy did I know it. I did those things (vicodin) for exactly three weeks. Which in my mind was long enough to remove the the subutext out of my system. Then on day 21 or the third week whatever you want to call it. I stopped the vics and I got back on the subutext for 5 days. I used between 2 and 3 mgs a day for those 5 days. I have been off everything for three days and today is the worst day so far. I think it's because of the half life in the subutext. I left work and came home early. I thought I could get through the day but just can't cut it. I have the sweats, chills and stomach cramps. But nothing like coming down off cold turkey. I can walk my dog and do simple things but find comfort just writing about what I am going through and getting it off my chest. My wife is the best and just wants to help me get clean. The way things are going I think I'm heading in that direction. I used to hate pills. I didn't even take aspirin and then someone handed me a vicodin and I was a different person. I used to be the manager that people hated at work and once I took the vics not only did they give me energy but I turned into mister nice guy. To me, what wasn't there to like about these pills. Then came the day that I had my first withdrawel and I realized what the repercussions were for the ups and happy times............. there are extreme lows.  Anyway, here I go into the abyss. I can't go back to the pills and can only move forward away from them!!!!