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I didn't know so many people get this pressuring feeling in their head relating to anxiety. Well, my case just confirms that they have something to do with each other.. I get a pressure behind my left ear and left eye, when I start thinking about things that make me anxious. I've always been nervous in social situations, especially in bigger groups, but now I feel like I can't even escape my anxiety when I'm alone or with family or close friends. I get obsessive thoughts(related to a couple of traumatic events in childhood) and that's when I get anxious and the pressure in my head grows and I become tired and can't concentrate properly. Keeping busy helps me to keep my head clear of these thoughts but I just feel like the anxiety is getting somewhat worse all the time. I've started to blush more easily, even in normal situations, like someone at work asks me how I am.. Blushing happens especially when there's others around and I feel like everybody's watching me. I'm a nurse and feeling confident about yourself is important to get other staff members' respect and patient's confidence in yourself. This is why my situation is really bothering me. I want to feel relaxed and do my work without feeling unadequate. Any advice? I know I should probably get some therapy to deal with things that are causing these obsessive thoughts but I would like to try some self treatment first. Can you give me any tips on how to deal with anxiety and obsessions? I feel like my head is exploding soon.. I would appreciate all help I can get!


I suggest getting the book "Tapping Into the Healer Within," by Dr. Callahan. He's one of the leading psychologists in stress management and his techniques have worked wonders.

Also, if you believe in it or are okay with it, maybe try Rescue Remedy spray by Bach. It's a homeopathic stress reliever containing four flower remedies. You could probably buy it at a local health food store, especially Good Earth, Wild Oats, or Whole Foods.

If these suggestions don't work, I would suggest you see a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you out.