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A little over a year ago I started not feeling well, over a period of 2 weeks in August 2006 I went from fine and healthy to sleeping 12hrs at night and falling asleep sitting up during the day. I was sore and my neck was really stiff and painful, I was tired all the time and started losing time (it would be 12pm when i started downstairs and 1pm when i got downstairs and all the clocks were correct). Over the past year i've been tested for CO2, Lyme disease, Spinal Tap, MRI of brain and Cervical spine, CAT scan, multiple blood tests (not sure what of)...everything came back normal, except they found a slight disc bulge in my spine...diagnosed me with degenerative disc disorder and sent me to physical therapy...2 nerve blocks and an epidural later i've had no relief from the debilitating pain (all of the nerves and muscles are in spasm in my neck and i have terrible headaches...and my left arm is tingling all the time)...they sent me to a neurosurgeon who said I don't need surgury because the disc is not what is causing my pain. He referred me to a Rhumatologist (sp??)...but i couldnt get in to see her until late Feb 2008! I don't want to just sit around until then. I'm unable to work because of the pain and i'm getting depressed with everyone telling me i'm "fine"...I know i'm not fine and it scares me. The neurosurgeon stated that he felt it could be an autoimmune disease, so I thought i'd ask people on here for help...has anyone ever gone through this? I feel very alone :-( oh yeah...i'm only 28.


Oh, dear, that sounds very difficult! I'm very sorry you've been experiencing this.

Since you've gone to doctors and haven't gotten answers, try seeing a homeopath or naturopath. In your case, I would suggest seeing an EDS technician. You can find a homeopath or naturopath in your area and ask them if they know of an EDS technician nearby. I saw one and they helped me when doctors could not. It's definitely worth a shot.

I hope you get the answers and help you need soon!