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My C5-C6 is herniated and I was in extreme pain for several weeks and was taking pain pills. My right thumb and pointer finger are numb, but the extreme pain is gone. Every once in a while I get small nerve pains in my neck, shoulder blade, and arm, but the pain is bearable. It's been a year since I first had my injury now, I haven't taken pain pills since then. I am considering the surgery since my Dr. said without surgery I may never feel my fingers. I've been fighting with my insurance company to approve the disc replacement, but they will not approve it. So all I'm left is with the cervical fusion, which I terrified about surgery.

Does anyone suggest surgery since there is no extreme pain, but fingers are numb.


Hello. Have you had this surgery? I ask because I will be having a surgery on my c6-7. Near the end of 2011, I started having a decrease in strength in my right hand and neck pain down my right arm. I had an MRI in May 2012 that showed a herniated disc in my c6-7 vertabrae. The neurologist I went to requested the MRI. I had a nerve conduction test first, which showed a compressed Ulnar Nerve in my right hand. The neurosurgeon I went to for consultation seems very capable, in fact a coworker of mine sent glowing recommendations. I have the following diagnosis: Cervical Myelopathy from Cord Compression at the C6-7 Level. He is recommending an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Banked Bone Fusion and Plating. I have tried multiple conservative therapies to no avail. Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage, Hot and Cold Compresses, Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Al seem to help for short periods of time (couple of hours to a day or two) but nothing really has helped. My symptoms have been steadily getting worse over the past year and change. I constantly have pain in my neck extending down into my lower back. Most of the time it is bearable but always there. Sometimes it is excruciating. I am right handed and have a hard time doing simple things with my right hand. I am not abidexterous, but am getting there! My right arm has bursts of sharp pain throughout the entire arm. My shoulders hurt. I am off balance and sometimes dizzy. My legs seem heavy and my feet hurt alot throughout the day. This neurosurgeon says that I am a prime candidate for this surgery.

I have done my own research on alternatives to the ACDF. I have found multiple artificial disc replacements. The best one I am leaning towards is the ProDisc C. Has anyone out there had this done? I would like to know more.