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My MRI is so confusing.
1. Mild bulging disc eccentric to the right side at C4-5 without central canal spinal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing.
2. Mild bulging disc at C5-6 and there is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing without central canal spinal stenosis. This is due to mild bilateral uncovertebral spurring.
3. Slight annular bulge at C6-7.

My problem is shoulder and elbow pain without neck pain.
The doc thinks it is coming from neck. I had shoulder surgery 16 months ago for spurs and shredded rotator cuff. The shoulder healed but neck started hurting real bad. Went through numerous negative tests and docs. They tried epidural injections in cervical spine with no change. Sent me back to ortho who injected my biceps tendonitis and tennis elbow. All symptoms including neck were gone for 8 months till I injured my elbow pulling something. I am being sent back to pain doctor as ortho doesn't think this is coming from arm but from neck. Any one have experience where the injury to the arm flares the neck. How do you treat this at the neck or arm.


Dear Sir, 

You have, probably, brachial plexitis. That is an inflammation of the brachial plexus a large structure of nevers that goes through the shoulder to the arm. 

Stressing the shoulder will cause it if you have a certain autoimmune inflammatory also causes rotator cuff tears and inflammation. 

Yours, Norsk10