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my son is 5 and has been having a smelly discharge from his noae for a couple of months
he has raised glands in his neck, armpits and groin areas

he has smelly sweat too

please can you advise

many thanks

elaine (mother)


I suggest you do some detox on your son. It could be that his lymphatic system is overwhelmed and needs to be drained. I would do this under the supervision of a health care provider. Doctors don't usually do this sort of thing, although you can try his pediatrician. Also look for someone who is a homeopath or naturopath in the area. I think your son might benefit from an EDS technician or biomeridian technician, so call different offices and ask if anyone practices that.


Well Elaine, I’m not sure what can cause the blood in the mucus, but smell and the mucus itself is usually caused by some bacteria. Infections in the nasal cavity are not that rare and can easily happen to young ones, like your five year old son.

Now, the swollen glands might not be connected with nasal infection, but they can amplify the infection. As BedsonTrudeau suggested, it might be smart to consider drainage of the lymphatic system. This of course can’t be done home, you will need to see a doctor for this procedure.

Is your son experiencing any headaches? Does he have any pain around his nasal cavity? If there are headaches, you might even consider the sinus infection.