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In mid-December our condom broke during sex. It was near the end of my period and I took plan B within 24 hours and did not get pregnant.

The, around January 20th, about 5-6 days after the end of my period the condom slipped off when he pulled out because he forgot to hold onto it.
My pharmacist said that plan B would still be effective even though I took it the month before and that I was at a very low risk for pregnancy anyway because the condom did not slip off inside me.

I took Plan B within 24 hours and had some breast tenderness and nausea directly afterwards but did not get sick and vomit.

About a week later, I started spotting.
The last time I had what seemed like a normal period for about 3 or 4 days but this time it started off as light spotting when I went to use the bathroom and then went on for about 10-11 days without becoming very heavy although it was moderately heavy with bright red blood at points while the spotting was usually red or dark red.

It's now about time for me to get my period and I haven't yet.
Was that implantation bleeding or an early period (it ended about a week before I was expecting my actual period)
I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy.

Could I still be pregnant?


I've been feeling sick with mild cramps/nausea all day today.
I should be getting my normal period sometime this week if I were on my normal schedule.
Is it just pms stuff you think and not pregnancy??
Please help me! ><