Vitex or chaste-berry, has been wonderful for me! - i was feeling things and thinking things that were umimaginable to me and scary. for the first 2 months off the pill (after being on it for 9 years) i felt awful terrible things, suicidal thoughts, depression, nausea, headaches, the list goes on.....what i want to say today is that 42 days ago i decided to begin to take vitex after doing some research and found that it is quite effective w/ helping your body get back on track after going off the pill. like i said this is day 42 and i feel SOOO much better! - there are still a few mild episodes, but compared to how i was feeling only a few short weeks ago i am so thankful that this herb worked! - i just wanted to let people know that it does get better, b/c the thing that scared me the most about the way i was feeling was that i was afraid i would never be normal again. It is a slow working herb and eases your body to produce what it needs to on its own. so far so good for me. the anxiety, the panic attacks, the emotional wreck i was (severely) i am just so thankful that the vitex has been working. so if you're feeling this way and are looking for something to help you get through these difficult times, go get some vitex it works! - i cant wait to see how i feel after 3 months on it, i hope i never feel and think like i did again!! good luck :-)