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Hi! I'm 14 years old, female, and a virgin (obviously.) For the past few days, I've been noticing how I get nauseas and feel intense burning sensations in my lower abdomen when I lay down, but at NIGHT! I feel it between my left leg, too and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! No, I do not eat greasy, fatty foods and I'm not overweight. I'm above 5"3. Could it be due to stress and anxiety? Because I tend to get extremely anxious around night time, and I can't sleep either. However, it leaves when I don't think or when I divert my attention away. It's ridiculous, and driving me mad. I am not on my period either, since I had it around two weeks ago. I drink a lot of water and eat fine. It hurts a bit, if I notice, when I urinate, otherwise it doesn't if I don't notice. I've been Googling my symptoms since it started and they've said it could be stones, or some infection. I'm scared as Hell right now, please tell me it's not serious!


I am not sure how to help you figure out, but something happened to around your age.  I had horrible cramps every night, couln't hardly sleep.  I figured at least it wouldn't have to go to school.  But instead, I woke up feeling fine.  It happened every night for a week until finally, I woke up and puked.  That was it no more problems.

What I should have done is told my parents.  Assuming they believed me, which I was not certain about, the doctor could have figured out what was happening.  Have you spoken with your parents about this?  And if not, is there a reason why you haven't?