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My boyfriend and I had sex a couple weeks ago, it was right after my period, like a day after litterally, and i had taken my pill but only one, and i don't know if that was enough or not. I know it's unlikely but possible that I'm pregnant even tho he came outside of my vagina, but I got sick last night. it wasn't unexpected so much because i had been feeling sick since around 8, and i think it's because i didn't eat any supper after practice for 3 hours, so when it started hurting like i was going to puke i went upstairs and ate a handful of cereal. I woke up around 420 last niht and wenk to the bathroom and got sick. I havent really had any other symptoms that i haven't had before; i get headaches alot, when i worry especially, and my stomach hurts alot, especially when i worry... mostly i'm worried that i'm pregnant because we had sex after i'd only taken one pill after my cycle.. I'm pretty sure i'm not but i think i need someone to tell me i'm just being paranoid and tell me i just have a bug and that's why i puked... i don't know.. can u puke because you're hungry?? that doesn't seem right to me.. but i'm no doctor

also about a month ago i was scared that i was pregnant because my period didn't start on time, but i took a test that said i wasn't... could that be from my pill that makes me not have a period??

please help me as soon as possible.. ? !


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If you have been on the pill for a while, then you are protected all the time even while having a period. Well as much as they garentee (99.9 %)
Last year my partner was doing manual work in our garden. He missed his lunch, it was a very hot day, All of a sudden he felt funny, went white an felt dizzy. He came in and was very sick.
He had used up all his energy an not replaced it with food. He went sleep for a short time an woke ok..... He then ate food.
I believe he sort of had an attact simular to a diabetic....Low sugar dip


ok so what ur saying is i should be ok and i got sick not because i am pregnant but something else.. thank you... i talked to my mom about my stomach problem and she said it was from the olives i had eaten, which made me feel so much better.. thank you for your help