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OKay Ladies,

Please Help!!! On July 8th I started spotting, not a usual thing for me, but went with it... :D I spotted until the 15th and then stopped for about 3 days. I then started spotting again on the 19th of July until the 22nd and then stopped. Took a couple of pregnancy tests, but they all came out negative, so I didn't worry. Well today is August 20th and I have not started my period again, and this time no spotting. If I was to consider last months spotting a period then I was supposed to start this month on the 14th. I have a cycle of 37 days and my period last for 7 days. Right now I am having cramps, but I can't tell if they are period cramps....They are really wierd cramps, and I am confused with them being stomach cramps. I usually get really horrible cramps when I am on my period, my boobs usually hurt really bad, but this month nothing. However, there is one spot on my right boob that is sore, but that is all.

I don't know what to do. The Doc. said that if my period doesn't come than they are going to make it come. What if I am prego?


Sounds like you are already under a doctor's care, and that they have said if your period doesn't come naturally, they will administer something to produce it.

That would seem to be the answer to both of your questions... what do I do, and what if I am pregnant...

Talk with your doctor.