So i am not quite sure what is going on with my body. I am highly paranoid about the littlest things. I was on the pill (Apri if anyone can share their stories about the same pill) since January and in June I had been really bad and wasn't taking it like I should so I just stopped all together. I had sex on July 3rd (unprotected, he came in me and all that jazz, I know tsk tsk) with my bf cause I wasn't thinking and it was what we were just used to because I was on the pill. My period came on July 15th but it was slightly brownish and odd, but I just figured that this was because of my body getting off the pill and all. Now there was some slight pink and rusty redness as well but it wasn't to heavy nor did I really have any cramps that I took notice to. I use this app on my phone that tracks everything and it was accurate of when i would start and what not. The 16th came and it was super lighter than the previous day. On the 17th there was nothing (things "died down" the night before). In my mind I was like well ok 2 day period is kinda odd for me but it's alright. Then teh next day I'm sitting and we all know that slight tickle feeling right? Well I felt that and was like wtf, sure enough my period was coming back, or so I thought. I wiped the little that was there, put on a light pad and went about my day. When I went to the bathroom again there was NOTHING in the just a small amount maybe like a teaspoon amount came out and that was that, nothing more for my "period" in July.

Then a few days later on July 22nd I had sex again, (same way unprotected and he came in me), Now the app on my phone states that my fertility window didn't start until the 25th but I'm not sure how accurate it is because of all the weirdness going on. Then again I had sex on the 4th of August (same stuff). My period was supposed to start on the 11th but it didn't and the 12th came and went and I was like oh no. WELL this morning (August 13th) My period decided to come but it is light.

I guess I should let you all know as well that I was paranoid about being pregnant because I was also experiencing some symptoms, about a week ago or week and a half I had clotty white discharge and I've been having headaches, major changes in appetite, and I'm super tired all the time. Now I know that my period could have been late this time because of stress or because my body is still trying to regulate itself from being off the pill, although I wasn't on it for very long.

I've talked with my mom about it and she said I shouldn't worry too much about it, but I just really really needed some experience on the matter and different opinions. Perhaps someone else has experienced this. I really don't want to have to go out and buy a test because they are kind of expensive lol and I don't want to waste my money on paranoia because I have in the past many times (the downs of being a college student lol). People have also told me that they got their period for a few months while they were pregnant so they didn't know that they were because they just though they were having a period they weren't pregnant until they were late and found out they had been for a few months already. So that makes me even more worried haha. Oh yes, and I am experiencing slight cramping this time with my period but nothing too heavy. thanks to those who can help me out!