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Hello, Today is August 25
I am wondering if I am pregnant or what is going on in my body.... I had a pink spotting and I am very bloated, even though I am eating barely any food at all!

I started birth control for the first time in April of last year. (I am 26). I was taking Ortho-Lo, (a three week change in hormones) and I recently switched the birth control to Microgestin FE (which was a steady dose of hormones). It steadied my moods, but my period became very irregular, and i was cramping for weeks before my period, which before I started Birth Control, the cramps would come a week early. So I went from a regular period - 3 days - (with very intense cramps) to an irregular period with very light spotting and often brown with weeks of moderate cramps (painful but not outrageous like before). The doctor said it was nothing.....but it seemed strange to have my body thrown off so much. I stopped taking the birth control all together around the end of July or in the beginning of August.... three times in the month of July I had spotting - from the 6-8, 14-16 and 19-21. Now, a few days ago - Monday August 23 I had a pink spotting. Very small and minor, but I have been super bloated for at least 4 days. On Monday I started (for the second time) a fruit flush cleanse, which includes for the first day, having only a protein drink every two hours from 8-4 and a salad for dinner at 6, and then days 2 and 3 it is a serving of fruit every two hours from 8-4 with a salad at 6. Last time I did this my stomach was very flat, and I lost 4lbs in 2 days (i only lasted 2 days). This time, I don't think I lost any weight and my stomach is SUPER BLOATED. So with the bloating and spotting and irregularity of my period, I don't know if this is a sign of my period, or if it is pregnant bloating???
I suspected (guestimated that I was ovulating around the 20th, but who knows with how wacky my period has been).

Am i pregnant or getting my period? How soon do you bloat after getting pregnant?


My guess is that the detox is bloating you.

However If you are not taking birth control and having intercouse there is every chance you could be pregnant. Spotting is normal in early pregnancy. This is known as an implantation bleed i:e when a fertilised egg implants its self to the womb lining it dis lodges some of the linging hence the bleed. Cramping is also usual as the womb begins preparing for a baby.

On the other hand having changed birth control methods in a short span of time may send your hormones out of whack, this too can also explain the symptoms you describe, the bloating, cramps and lite flow.
My advice is
1) to bite the bullet and do a preganacy test.
2) if this is negative wait 1 week and do another if symptoms remain un changed (This is because it is incredibly rare to get a false positve, but a false negative is really common. These test detect pregnancy hormones which a fresh pregnancy my not provide enough for detection)
3) If still negative then consult Doc again, ask if change of contraception could be the culprit!

Hope that was helpful!
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