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I got a few small problems around the anus that keep popping out about once a month..VERY annoying...what is an average cost of banding laser and plain ol surgery


Stuff flying out of your anus can sometimes be expensive. Usually, it's somewhere around $1,200 per object (herhoroid) if they are large and are well rooted into the depths of your lower colon. If you have other items hanging out of of your anus, the price can become exceedingly high. Moreover, if there are excess gases emitting from the anus and the attending physicians are required to utilize hazmat-type of protective gear including US Military-issued gas masks because the stench from the items flying out of your anus is so odorous they cannot perform the delicate surgery accurately without them, there is typically an additional charge of $1,500.

So, you could be looking at $3,600 if you had three objects flying out of your anus and $5,100 if you had those three objects in your anus plus a large quanity of gas escaping during the procedure that required the hazmat gear.

Hope this helps.