Hi - if anyone can answer my questions that would be great! I am back on zoloft after being off it for 3 months. I had been on 50 mg for over 5 yrs and it worked great for me - no panic at all and when I first went on it in 2001 i had minimal side effects - just loose stools and tingling in hands and feet. I went off it feb of this year because i became preg. I weaned a little but not really. I had no side effects going off it. 3 months later at the end of may - my anxiety came back full blown and I was in nonstop panic thinking I was going to die. after a week - my drs put me back on zoloft 50 mg. i was on it for 4 weeks and had tingling of head, face, extremities, loose stools, headaches (like pressure on my head), earaches, spotters and floaters, weakness and numbness and of course the whole unreal feeling - like being in a fog - some of that went away but I still had the head feelings, anxiety and depression - so my dr upped my does to 100 mg - which i took for a week - during that time i had bad neck tension and back tension (not so much head at that time) - so that freaked me out and i went to 75 mg (25 mg in am and 50 mg in pm) - the tension let up but then burning sensations and tingling started in my head - just moves around to different places and i felt a little anxious again. So on monday i went back to 50 mg in am and 50 mg in pm. But thats also making me tired during the day and i was thinking i should probably start taking it all at once - maybe id have less side effects? so yesterday morning I didnt take any in the morning - had the weird burning sensations in my head, neck, and shoulders all day - then took 100 mg last night. Now today I woke up and I feel awful - like so out of it. I feel weak. and in a fog. My whole head hurts - back, top, sides, front - like someone is gripping my whole head. it also feels numb esp on right side and my face feels numb too. i feel frozen like i cant move. i feel like i cant breathe. is this from the zoloft??? anxiety??? or something worse??? Im so scared. Ive been afraid of strokes, aneurysms, hemorrages in the brain. I dont know what to think anymore. But if any of you have any similiar experiences with zoloft or other ssri's - please let me know. thanks!!