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Taking care of others is a demanding job that can be overwhelming at times. Many caregivers are using mobile smartphone apps as a necessary aid that makes caregiving more manageable and effective.

Caregivers use mobile apps for countless purposes, such as looking up for important health information, managing medications, ensuring medical adherence, identifying pills, scheduling doctor appointments, and so much more. 
Caregivers can't rely on just one app. Here, we list some popular mobile apps that could make caregiving job a bit easier.

CareZone App

CareZone is a free app designed for patients and caregivers helping them manage prescriptions, medications, and instructions, either their own or for their families and people they care for.
However, CareZone app is more than just a medication management tool. It allows caregivers to track health conditions and symptoms, contact healthcare providers, and keep their notes tidy, with a goal to provide a better care for their patients.

Our score: 98%
Links: Android, iOS

Carely App

Carely is a free app for Android and iPhone that helps caregivers and other users with family members who may need assistance, communicate with doctors and schedule visits, and track patient's moods and other important medical information.
The app goes one step further by connecting all healthcare providers together and providing detailed information about each. 
Caregivers can also use quick buttons to call in case of emergencies, which is both time- and life-saver.  Carely would be the ultimate caregiver app if it included prescription and medication information, with price comparison and ability to set refills. Hopefully, that could be done in one of the future updates.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

Symple App

Ability to track symptoms can offer better insight into patient's condition and disease progression, which could help caregivers provide a better care. Thus, having a symptom checker app is one of the essential things for every caregiver.
Symple app is - as its name suggests – a simple symptom checker and tracker app. It is also a health diary app that allows patients and caregivers record medical symptoms every day, and share the logs with healthcare providers, helping them understand the disease and make better clinical decisions involving treatment.
Symple app is, however, only available on iOS platform.

Our score: 89%
Links: iOS

eCare21 App

eCare21 app enables caregivers to monitor their patients not only with their iOS and Android devices but also through other various wireless and wearable devices, such as smartwatch, FitBit trackers, Bluetooth, etc. 
The app tracks the wearer's vitals and health stats, including glucose, heart rate, weight, calorie intake, activity, sleep, and medications. This information can be then accessed by patients, their family members, caregivers, and doctors no matter where they live or work.
eCare app is perfect for providing vital health data to a long distance or working caregivers, allowing them to respond better and quicker.
Its main limitation is that it requires that all patients have a wireless or wearable device to enable tracking, but many patients could find these devices too pricey.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

iPharmacy App

Caregivers often care about patients who have to take a lot of medications. Having a mobile drug guide is one of the essential things they need to have installed on their phones. Drug guides aid caregivers with complex medication management, ensuring that the individuals they take care for, use their medications as prescribed and never miss a dose.
iPharmacy app for Android and iPhone devices is one of the best drug reference apps around, providing comprehensive information on thousands of different medications. Besides its primary drug reference role, the app also works as a pill reminder, pill identifier, price checker and saver, and much more.
The app, however, suffers from outdated design, and what's more important, it lacks reference links related to drug information. Otherwise, it would be a perfect drug guide app.

Our score: 81%
Links: Android, iOS

Medisafe Pill Reminder App

Staying adherent to the medication regimen is equally important for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. MediSafe Pill Reminder app tries to solve this problem by helping patients and caregivers remember when to take pills and to manage pill usage much easier. 
Caregivers can use MediSafe app to manage whole family or multiple patients they care for, each with their own profile. The app allows syncing between the users and their apps, sending alerts if one of them misses their medication for the day. 
Medisafe works with wearables, and other Bluetooth- and WiFi-enabled devices. Similar to iPharmacy app, it also lacks any reference links, as well as more information on conditions, diagnoses, or pharmacy records.

Our score: 93%
Links: Android, iOS

Elder 411 App

Marion Somers, Ph.D.  also known as Doctor Marion is a geriatric care manager with more than 35 years of experience, who has provided care for more than 2,000 elderly clients.
Doctor Marion brought her expertise to caregivers with the Elder 411 app that contains over 500 pieces of expert advice, which are organized into 11 eldercare topics providing caregivers with proven solutions to various caregiving problems. 
Family caregivers helping take care of elderly relatives would undoubtedly benefit from Elder 411 app that would make daily challenges easier with an expert advice at their fingertips.
Unfortunately, only caregivers with iPhone or iPad could use the app, because it's not available for Android.

Our score: N/A
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Duke CPR App

Sudden cardiac arrest is something that many caregivers may face, especially when they care for chronically ill and elder patients.
Knowing what to do and doing it quickly, is what makes the difference between life and death of someone who suffers sudden cardiac arrest. Waiting for emergency personnel to arrive reduces the chances for survival drastically. Victims of sudden cardiac arrest need immediate help, which means starting CPR right away. 
Many caregivers are the untrained rescuers, and this is why it's recommended that they should perform compression-only (hands-only) CPR, which is a technique that involves chest compressions without artificial ventilation. This technique is easier to perform and it has a higher success rate than standard CPR that involves giving breath.
Caregivers who don't have an experience with CPR methods could find Duke CPR app very useful. The goal of this app is to help educate people, particularly untrained individuals, about compression-only CPR.
This is simple, but very useful app, that lacks the additional information about pediatric and infant CPR steps, which differ from a procedure for adult patients. Also, Duke CPR app is only available for iOS devices, not for Android.

Our score: 95%
Links: iOS

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