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Keeping track of own personal health record, as well as family medical history became possible for patients and caregivers thanks to the mobile technology and many quality apps for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile technology continues to evolve in order to make our lives more efficient. Organization of health files and access to pertinent health information is now available right at our fingertips thanks to the mobile devices and apps.
Patients don't need to visit their doctor to access medical records. Family medical history records can be easily managed with medical record apps.
The biggest advantage of being able to track own health records and that of the loved ones is, of course, prevention. Many illnesses would be avoidable and lives would be saved if patients and caregivers are encouraged to keep track of their personal health records. 
Mobile apps can provide much-needed assistance in this. They allow users to access, track and store anything health related to their mobile device, including vitals, medications used, lab results, diagnostic imaging, information on health care providers, general medical history, and more.
These apps also allow patients and caregivers to schedule doctor appointments and send files to their providers.
Many of these apps are also compatible with electronic health records in doctor's offices, making the access to health information faster and more convenient.
Here, we listed some of the best mobile apps that can help patients and caregivers keep track of family medical history and personal health records.

GenieMD App

GenieMD app was designed to help patients track, store and share their health profile from their mobile device. 
The app lets users manage their medications, track their activity and vitals such as blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose level, share summary reports with their caregivers or physicians, store emergency contacts and more.
Data can be loaded to the app manually or uploaded via integrated fitness and health tracking wearable devices.
The GenieMD app was a part of a pilot program between Harvard Medical School, and IBM, which resulted in integrating the IBM Watson machine learning software into the app to answer common health questions.
The app is available for free on Android and iOS. It is also available as a web-based app.

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Andaman7 App

Andaman7 is another app that allows users to keep track of their family's health records, such as vitals, immunizations, medications, glucose levels, physician lists, insurance lists, lab results, medical imaging, and more.
The recorded health information is stored digitally, which keeps all user files, notes, and images in one place that can be accessed without an Internet connection. All the information can be shared with caregivers and healthcare professionals. 
Users can create personal health templates to record and track various health conditions and health progress goals and observations.
The Andaman7 app also works as a reminder that alerts users when it's time to take their medications. 
Health care providers can also use this app to connect and share medical records with patients, other providers or hospitals, organizations, and more.
The Andaman7 app is available for free on iOS and Android.

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Capzule PHR App

The Capzule PHR app is similar to Andaman7. It consolidates multiple health tracking apps into one and allows users to safely store and access their medical records without an Internet connection. 
The app also includes features such as pill reminder, immunizations records, glucose tracking, and more. Users can upload photos with the additional information to the app to allow medical professionals and family members confirming the accuracy of the recorded information. 
Capzule app allows users to back up data and share it with their provider or additional family members.
The app is free to download for iOS and it includes a yearly ad-free subscription for $11.99.

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iBlueButton App

iBlueButton app is an extension of the Blue Button program, a federal initiative that started in 2014 with a goal to provide Medicare beneficiaries, Veterans, and individuals covered by Tricare and their family caregivers with an access to their health records online. Meanwhile, the Blue Button program extended to the general public.
The app allows users to download Blue Button health records, as well as online medical records from other providers such as MyMedicare, My HealtheVet, Aetna, RelayHealth, TRICARE for people in the military, and others onto their mobile device where they can be securely stored and easily accessed.
These records include anything from x-ray images to medications and medical conditions to emergency contacts. Users can share all information with their providers.
iBlueButton app is available on iOS and Android for $9.99. 

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CareSync App

CareSync is a mobile app and a website that allows patients and their caregivers to manage health information for themselves and their family.
The app provides an easy to use a medical timeline with the ability to track medication use, scan, add and access medical records, prepare questions for doctor appointments, manage health-related tasks, documents, photos, and voice recordings, share their medical information with their healthcare providers, and more.
The CareSync app is free to download and for no cost, users can scan and add their medical records into the app. 
The app also offers two subscription options. For $129, users can get a one-time health history, allowing the app to collect, summarize and organize within their cloud service, all user's medical records. 
The second option is the ability to request records, which costs $9.99.
The CareSync app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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My Medical App

My Medical app allows users to keep all their health records for the whole family all in one place.
The app provides users with several key features, such as the ability to chart and track test results and vital signs, learn more about the side effects of the medications they or they loved ones use, store X-rays, immunization records, and insurance information, get prescription refills, stay reminded about the doctor's appointments, use multiple graphs to keep a record of their test results, and send their complete medical history to their doctor for better treatment.
My Medical app keeps all personal medical information secure, which is encrypted and stored locally on a mobile device, not online. 
The app is also useful in emergency situations when patients are unable to speak about their medical history. For example, users can enter their doctor's or emergency contact information that first responders can see without entering a password.
The app is available on Android and iOS for $4.99.

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