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Good oral hygiene doesn't require much; only a brush, toothpaste, and a mobile app that would help you take care of your dental and oral health by teaching you how to brush properly, reminding you to floss, or connecting you with your dentist.

Mobile apps have taken oral and dental health to an entirely new level. They send reminders when it's time to brush or floss your teeth, they teach you proper brushing technique and keep you brushing for the recommended two-minute time frame.
These apps also connect you with your dentist and enable access to emergency dental care.
Here, we listed some of the most useful mobile apps that make dental and oral health far more manageable.

DDS Anywhere App

Having a dentist available at your fingertips became widely available thanks to mobile technologies. 
DDS Anywhere app connects users with their dentist, enabling convenient and efficient communication and treatment. 
Users can use the app to alert their dentist in emergency situations, access treatment information, request appointments and sync them with phone calendar.
The app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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Dental Expert App

Dental Expert app serves as a patient's guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry and its procedures, such as dental emergencies, teeth whitening, root canal procedure, oral surgery, and more, as well as practical things, such as choosing a good dentist, learning more about children's dental care, keeping dental costs down,  and so on.
All information in the app is provided in a form of the most frequently asked dental questions, which have been answered by the top dental experts in each field.
The app is available for free only on iOS. Unfortunately, there's no similar alternative for Android users.

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Smile - Dental Hygiene Analysis App

Smile - Dental Hygiene Analysis app tries to educate the general public on dental hygiene by allowing them to track personal oral and dental hygiene over time. 
To do this, Smile app uses the device camera function to highlight the beginning of yellowing of teeth (tooth discoloration) and tartar development that otherwise couldn't be seen with naked eye.
Users can then use  "Save for Progress" feature, which enables them to track their teeth color and health over time.
The goal is to teach users to brush their teeth properly the recommended two minutes and use the app to track the progress and avoid discoloration and tartar formation.
The app is available for free, only on iOS.

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Philips Sonicare App

Brushing your teeth might be easier if you have a personal coach explaining to you how to navigate trouble spots, or apply the right pressure and brushing motion.
No. I'm sure that having someone standing beside us and telling us how to brush our teeth would be frustrating and extremely awkward.
Philips Sonicare app is much better solution. It is a mobile personal coach that provides real-time guidance on your oral health, helps you track your performance, and gives personalized feedback to help you get whiter teeth, fresher breath or healthier gums.
The app is designed for patients, but dental professionals can use it as well to help their patients keep up healthy routines in between visits.
Philips Sonicare app works with both the Philips Sonicare DiamonClean Smart and the FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrushes, connecting to them via Bluetooth.
It is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.

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Brush DJ App

Another thing that could be super useful when brushing our teeth is the ability to listen to our favorite music. Especially the one that lasts for 2 minutes.
Brush DJ app works as a toothbrush timer app that plays 2 minutes of music from your device, cloud or streaming service, with the goal to help you brush your teeth properly the recommended 2 minutes, making the teeth brushing less boring in the same time.
You can either listen to the music provided by the app or add your own favorites.
Brush DJ app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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Text2Floss App

Remembering to brush and floss is much easier with some sort of reminder.
Text2Floss app works exactly that way, by sending text message reminders to encourage healthy oral habits. 
Users can also track and view their oral health care progress using the built-in Flossing Report, a useful tool for improving the oral health between dental visits.
Text2Floss doesn't only remind users to brush and floss. It also sends notifications about important dental-related issues such as remembering to take medication prior to a dental appointment. 
It also includes the flossing timer enabling users to listen to their favorite music while brushing their teeth.
The app is available on iOS and Android for free.

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BracesHelp App

Braces are a common orthodontic option used to straighten teeth for people who have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite.
While getting braces is beneficial, the thought of getting them can make some people feel afraid, nervous, or reluctant.
BracesHelp is an informative app intended for people wearing braces or those who are interested in getting this orthodontic option done. 
The app provides a lot of useful information, pictures, and videos explaining different topics, from how to care for your braces, to what to do in case you have problems with your braces. All information can be read visually or recited with audio output.
The app is available for free, however, only on iOS devices.

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FH Cost Lookup / FH CC Salud App

FH Cost Lookup / FH CC Salud is a bilingual app (available in English and Spanish) that helps patients plan their medical and dental expenses and make informed healthcare decisions on the go. 
This app provides a better understanding of the cost of procedures and services in a local area, estimates insurance reimbursement, and compares costs when healthcare professionals are offering treatment or testing options.
Are cost estimates provided in the app are based on data for over one billion healthcare claim records submitted nationwide each year. 
FH Cost Lookup / FH CC Salud app also provides educational features to help patients better understand health insurance basics.
The most important, the app is available free of charge on all Android and iOS devices.

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