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Cracked bleeding hands

Answered by a doctor

My daughter, who is 34 years old is having a terrible time with cracked, dry, peeling, and bleeding hands. She has changed dishwashing and laundry products, soap, etc. She has used all kind of creams but nothing helps. She has even put vaseline, etc on her hands at night and then wore gloves to...

by User avatar Janet Horton

Blister-like bumps on the fingers

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Tiny fingers blister-like thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Home made remedies for dry and chapped lips?

Hello, I am writing this post, because I have problem, called chapped lips, and I would like to find out some great treatment for healing my dry lips. I never consulted any doctor or some other specialist about my issue, but I used one lip balm and chapstick for mo, and results were than a...

by User avatar Michael1994

Small blisters, peeling skin and cracking skin on hands and feet

Answered by a doctor

For the last six months or so, I have have had cracking and peeling skin on my hands and feet, along with tiny blisters that are filled with clear fluid. I've tried everything from cortisone or cortisone/fungal ointment to soaking in herbal baths to using tea tree oil, shea butter, neosporin, and a...

by User avatar taqee199747022

Hard peeling circles on fingertips

Answered by a doctor

I am a 25 year old female and have a problem with my index fingers and thumbs on both hands for about 6 months now. Ocassionally I will get hard small circles on the tips and sides of only those 4 fingers. It doesn't spread to other fingers or anywhere else on the body, and they are never...

by User avatar guest

i feel like i have tiny bugs crawling on my body, and head

Answered by a doctor

i have been treated for scabies and it didnt work. i get a tiny bump and it itches but in a few days its gone. it feels like i have tiny bugs crawling on my legs, back, arms,face and scalp, but i dont see anything. the feeling is similar to tickling a single hair on your arm or legs. pleeeeaaassse...

by User avatar thedoper83

Help Blisters on the rim of my nose!!

Answered by a doctor

Yesterday morning i woke up with my outter nose hurting. the pain felt like i had a runny nose all night and i had been rubbing it with tissue..i thought i was just breaking out with pimples. Later that day after i showered i saw that they were small blisters. they hurt really bad..does anyone know...

by User avatar Ineedalife_22123533

how can I regain my previous skin complexion? my skin has discoloration

I was fair when I was young but now I am 20 and my skin has discolored how can I regain my previous skin complexion please help.

by User avatar mumer1527

White lines around knees!

Answered by a doctor

I recently noticed some white (Or lighter than my skin) lines on both of my knees. Not on the knee itself but on the sides. The tissue feels slightly softer that the rest of the skin, and the lines start by the kneecap but not on them. It's just discoloration, and it looks...internal? The lines...

by User avatar ducky41242199

red blotches when anxious, nervous, or cry

Answered by a doctor

When I get nervous, anxious, cry, or practically do anything i get red blotches on my neck and chest and arms. What is this skin conditioned called?

by User avatar Guest