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Seborrheic dermatitis on face

Answered by a doctor

I am experiencing Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face. The areas that are affected: my eyelids, eyebrow region, the sides of my nose, and the sides of my mouth. I was told that there are over the counter remedies that I can use. I was wondering if anyone would recommend me some.

by User avatar Guest

CAT scan causing Burning sensation

Answered by a doctor

I had a CAT scan done of my brain to check for a bleed in the brain. Now I feel a burning sensation all over my skin, from my mid-chest up to the top of my head. What's going on? Did I get an overdose of radiation?

by User avatar Guest

"Diaper rash" for 4 months on teenage girl?

Answered by a doctor

Alright, so I've had what feels and looks like a "diaper rash" for about three, going on four months now. I'm a 17 year old girl, never had sex or even worn a tampon before. I've been having some bright redness on my perineum, near the insides of my buttocks, and slightly on the lower outside part...

by User avatar biancabee357148

red spots under skin on both legs and top of feet

Answered by a doctor

I seem to have frecle size red spots all down the frount of my legs and now the tops of my feet. they appear like little blood spots. There is no itch. I mention to my DR. She ignored it like it was nothing ?????? It concerns me that it may be the for runner of some other thing.

by User avatar eleisea

are there natural treatments for pseudomonas infections

We have a friend that has had sinus infection after sinus infection. He had his septum fix a few months ago and he continues to have more infections. The doctors have had him on antibiotics since Thanksgiving. And now they want to do more surgery to get rid of these pseudomonas (bacteria) in his...

by User avatar pete

Fingernails are Lifting off of Nail Bed

Answered by a doctor

The whites of my fingernails are progressing down my nail bed. I have what look like stripes of color to my nails: The base of my nails look normal (to me), then a strip of darker pink or red intermixed with the white invading, then the white of my nail. It is on all nails of both hands. I’ve...

by User avatar Deb

extremely chapped, red, swollen lips

Answered by a doctor

I have extremely chapped, red, swollen, sensitive lips. This started almost 2 months ago. I woke up with a red lining inside my lips one day. I couldn't eat anything really salty or spicy without the inside of my lips burning, and I still can't. A couple of weeks after the red lining, I woke up in...

by User avatar Summer

Can Hyderm cream with Hydrocortisone clear up a minor yeast infection between the toes

Can Hyderm cream with Hydrocortisone  clear up a minor yeast infection between the toes? I cant seem to find a straight answer already posted, thanks!

by User avatar STann

When I get hot I get these painful pins and needles!

Answered by a doctor

Hello I'm 16 years old and have had this condition for 1 year. I dont know how it started but its affecting my life. I can't enjoy life as I use to. Thats how much its having a impact on my life.  Whenever I get hot from exercise, eat spicy food, angry, nervous, embarrased, its like I'm getting...

by User avatar Guest

cyst on my panty line?

Answered by a doctor

For about a year i keep getting a lump on my panty line, it has come and gone about 6 times. Normally its just a lump but the last two times it has had a blister like thing on it and it will pop. it has a hole in it and bleeds. is it just from my panties rubbing it or what?

by User avatar arkangl134606