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Kids' Wellness Tracker is a useful app to document and track your children's health, including their symptoms, vaccines, height, weight, BMI, and medications.


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Easy to use interface
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The app allows adding photos to children's profiles
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Helpful for tracking children's health, both sick and healthy days
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For parents, their children's health is a main and constant concern. There is also a multitude of things they need to remember about their child's health that puts additional pressure on them, ranging from vaccinations, medicines they need to take, nutrition, and overall development.

But today's parents are often too busy juggling between workplace and domestic responsibilities, so they don't have time to wait at the doctor's office or spend hours looking for symptoms online.

However, when it comes to managing and maintaining children's health, parents need to find a way to overcome the deficit in time.
Luckily, increasing use of smartphones and mobile apps made things easier. Many parents now use mobile apps that can help them with their children health care.

A couple of months ago, we wrote an article about the best health and medical apps for parents that all moms and dads who need help in managing their children's health should check.

The app that we review today called Kids' Wellness Tracker didn't make to the list, however, it is a useful tool to document and track your child's health, including their symptoms, vaccines, height, weight, BMI, and medications.

The app opens to the home page that features the children's page, showing your child(ren) you have added to the app, along with Tylenol and Motrin dosing (more about this later), doctor appointments and learning resources.

Of course, this children page would be empty the first time you ran the app, suggesting you to add the child(ren) by tapping on the plus button in the top left. 

On the Child Profile page, you can add your child's first name, gender, date of birth, height, weight, photo, as well as favorite drug flavor and formula preferences.

You can add multiple children to the app and track each by sliding through the names on the home page and tap on the child whose health you want to monitor.

Here you can track things like symptoms, medications, vaccines, health/weight and doctor appointments in a similar fashion, by tapping on the plus icon.

Symptoms tracker opens to the list of the most common symptoms encountered in children, including cold, cough, fever, flu, and more. Parents can select multiple symptoms, if more than one is present, for example, cough, fever, and headache. 

Body temperature can also be added, along with the measuring method, i.e. mouth, armpit, ear, as well as the record date. There are no restrictions in adding records, so you can basically add changes minute to minute.

Kids' Wellness Tracker app also allows parents to track medicine use, by adding the medicine name (they add it manually), dosage, start and stop date, a reason for use, and doctor that can be added directly from your contacts.

Unlike medicines, adding vaccinations offers parents to scroll through the most common vaccines (DTaP, Hib, MMR, etc.) and choose one along with the received date. 

This section doesn't contain more information about the vaccines, so parents need to use other resources. Also, parents cannot add notes, or link vaccines with the symptoms in the app, to track possible adverse reactions, such as fever, swelling, or rash that may occur after certain vaccines are received.

Height/Weight/BMI section already contains the height and weight inputs you've added for your child. The BMI is automatically calculated. However, it doesn't provide any additional information on the BMI, especially if it is higher than 25 that would explain risks for the children who are overweight or obese, which is very important for parents to know.

Height, weight, and BMI progress can be viewed on charts, which would populate as parents add the data. Chart also don't provide any additional information.

Parents can also set doctor appointments and set reminders for each, two days, two hours and one hour before.  The appointments can also be added to the calendar.

There are also two more sections providing information on Tylenol and Motrin dosing. But, why these two brands? Simply, the creators of the app are also makers of these two drugs.

Both sections provide colorful tables with dosing and formulation recommendations based on child's age and weight for all Tylenol and Motrin products that can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Some parents may not like the fact that Kids' Wellness Tracker app is drug-specific, i.e. promoting only particular medications. But, all users are allowed to personalize the medications if they don't use these two particular brands.

The app also provides Learning Resources, an outstanding section containing useful information and recommendations for parents, which are available in several different languages.

Here, the parents can read more about condition-specific guidelines, from allergies to treating fever to dealing with first colds, about the safe and proper use of child medicine, and doctor visit guides from child's first month to one year.

Overall, Kids' Wellness Tracker app is a useful tool for tracking your children's health status, both in times of illness and in times of health. It is created as a mean of advertisement, but despite this, the app still provides helpful tools and recommendations.

Benefit: All parents who want to track their children's health, medications, vaccines, and height and weight, can use this app


  • Ability to track multiple options including symptoms, medicines, vaccines, and height/weight
  • Ability to add multiple children to track
  • Reminder notifications included
  • No ability to add notes for vaccines
  • No additional information on the BMI, especially if it's over 25

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