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MyTherapy app combines a pill reminder, symptom, measurement and activity tracker, and a health journal – all in one spot. It is aimed at supporting patients with chronic conditions in adhering to their prescribed treatment plans.


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Great pill reminder and health tracker
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Successful therapy depends on patient's persistence and motivation. However, this success is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially with our hectic, stressful and time-consuming lives.

Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most important aspects of successful therapy, which is often neglected.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 50% of medication prescribed to the patients with chronic conditions is not taken properly or not taken at all.

It is easy to forget to take a pill on time, but the price for forgetting to take the medicine is high. It can costs patients their health, and in some cases – their life.

In the life of a person, who has to take various medications on a daily basis, an easy-to-use and efficient medication reminder could be a lifesaving aid. 

Keeping track of the prescribed medications can be a lot easier with a smartphone and one of the many pill reminder mobile apps installed on it.

We mentioned some of these apps in our patient's guide to finding good medication reminder apps that could help them stay adherent to the regimen.

MyTherapy Medication & Pill Reminder app isn't mentioned in this article, however, after briefly using it, I decided to write a review, because this pill reminder app certainly deserves it.

Actually, saying that MyTherapy app is just a pill reminder would be a bit unfair, because this app combines a pill reminder, symptom, measurement and activity tracker, and a health journal – all in one spot.

It is aimed at supporting patients with chronic conditions in adhering to their prescribed treatment plans, but other users who use medications occasionally can use the app as well.

The app basically translates the therapy into a simple to-do list, requiring from users to tick off reminders to achieve their daily goals.

MyTherapy app is extremely easy and convenient to use. Users can choose to register an account or use it for free. 
Registering an account has its benefits because it allows you to create a list of all the medications you take throughout the day, view medication use for more than a week, and view and send reports.

The app main features include medication reminder, pill tracker with a logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes, tracking meds, doses, measurements, activities in a journal-like form, sharing data with a doctor, and more.

To add a reminder and start tracking you should first add medications. The app contains various medication databases from different countries, listed alphabetically. You can select the database in Settings.

Each database is comprehensive containing both OTC and Rx medications, which are available in a particular country, along with brand and generic names and doses.

If your country is not on the list, or medication is not in the database, you can enter the data manually. One thing is missing here – the ability to scan the barcode from the package to add medication automatically. Barcode scanner is available for certain databases tho, for example, if you use the German database, the barcode scanner will work.

Nevertheless, adding medication works easy and requires medication name, unit (pills, drips, grams, milliliters, etc.), and mode (planned or as needed).
If the mode is set to 'Planned,' users can additionally set reminders by adding the duration of the treatment, frequency of intake, and reminder time.

Users can also set a reminder to notify them when they are running low on a particular medication.

All scheduled medications will be available on Today page. Here you can view each scheduled dose, or confirm that it's been taken or skipped.

A mellow alarm sound will notify you when it's time to take your medications. The Standard tune has been set by default, but I'd suggest changing it to 'Long,' because the default tune is a bit too short. 

You can change the tune to other alarm sounds, or set recurring reminders that would keep notifying you every five minutes until the respective task has been marked as confirmed or as skipped. After all medications for a particular day have been taken, you'd see a message that you're done for that day.

The app allows users to not only log their medication use, but also track their symptoms, measurements, and general well-being.

For example, people with diabetes can use the medication reminder for the insulin or Metformin use, but at the same time, they can use the app to track their weight or blood glucose. 

People suffering from depression or other mental disorders may also have benefits from the app's built-in mood tracker.

Other measurements can be tracked as well, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, uric acid, and many more (MyTherapy app supports more than 50 measurements).

There is a long list of activities that users can choose from when they are to report what they do during a day. These activities range from abdominal workout and cycling to swimming and yoga.

If you are looking for an app that can connect you with your doctor, MyTherapy app does that too. The app allows you to share PDF reports visualizing the progress in your treatment with your physician, helping them determine if your medication schedule is appropriate and decide if the dosage needs some adjustment.

Creators of the MyTherapy app understand the importance of communication between app developers and app users in order to improve the app. That's why they allow sending suggestions which could help them deliver a product that meets the needs of its users and ensure that all users are satisfied with the results.

The only drawback that I encountered while using the app is the one I mentioned above – the lack of a barcode scanner for all medication databases that would make adding medications a lot easier. However, developers promised that the barcode functionality will be added to other databases as well.

This drawback is, however, minor and does not ruin the overall performance of the app, or my impression.

So, as a conclusion, I would highly recommend MyTherapy app to anyone who doesn't want to miss a single pill anymore. The app does a great job in simplifying complex medication management and schedules with easy-to-use reminder and tracking features.

Benefit: Anyone who needs a reliable medication reminder, as well as comprehensive health journal all in one place, would be satisfied with this app


  • Incredibly easy and convenient to use
  • Comprehensive medication databases for different countries
  • Ability to track not only medication use, but also measurements, symptoms, activity, and more
  • Progress reports can be shared with a physician
  • Nothing bad to say about this app

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