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The Ovia Pregnancy and Baby Tracker is one of the best medical applications available to download and use for free. This app is used by pregnant women to help monitor the progress of their pregnancy, as well as look useful information relevant to them.


Free to download and use with no in-app purchases.
100 pts
App Interface Usability
This app has a very nice design that doesn't hook or glitch. There's no long download time and information is accessed quickly.
95 pts
Multimedia Usage
The relevant images and video clips for the stage of pregnancy is a nice touch. Media content is eaisly accessible without any problems experienced.
98 pts
Real World Usability
This app is extremely relevant for pregnant women. Not only does it access information and give advice regarding the user's stage of pregnancy, but follows the pregnancy week-by-week and monitors the user's weight and emotional status during this time.
100 pts

This pregnancy and baby tracker application was developed by Ovia, a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. Ovia is the leading parenting, pregnancy and fertility digital health platform, and they use data driven science to help women conceive up to three times faster than the national average and have healthier pregnancies.

Using the app

When I access the application, it opens up to a welcome page asking me for personal information such as my name, surname, date of birth, height and pre-pregnancy weight. This is a very nice feature as the app immediately makes the point clear that this is a personalized application where the information that is going to be accessed is going to be unique to the user.

Once you're done adding this info and click "next", the app then asks you for the baby's "nickname" and there's a feature where they help you determine the baby's expected date of delivery. The drop down screen asks for your estimated due date, the first day of your last menstruation (LMP), the date of conception or the current duration of the pregnancy. 

Once all this data is imputed, the app moves onto a login screen where you can enter your email and password or enter your Facebook login details.

The app then opens up to a home screen where you will notice that the timeline is described with your name, for example, "Mary's Timeline", and that the app states your current gestational period (time of pregnancy). When you scroll down the screen you will see that all the information listed is relevant to your time of the pregnancy such as personalized pregnancy articles, weekly baby development milestones and real-time feedback on your symptoms. There's even a picture of what your baby looks like at this stage as well.

On the top right of the screen is a button where you can access you phone's gallery and you can upload your own pictures.

There are four nicely coloured tab buttons on the home screen that help you navigate the rest of the app. The pink tab is already accessed as the home page.

The blue tab opens up the "daily summary" page where you will find a calendar where you can see at what weeks of the year the weeks of your pregnancy fall on. You can use this section to set up your doctor appointments, make notes of products that you need to buy, write down what symptoms you had on specific days, baby names ideas, etc.

The next tab is the yellow trophy tab which takes you to a page where you can monitor milestones such as upload pictures at different stages of your pregnancy, when you told friends and family of the good news, when you found out the gender of the baby, when you felt your first kick, when you had your baby shower and when you started decorating the nursery.

The last green tab opens up the "community page" where the user gains access to a chat room where other users of the app are asking each other relevant questions and giving advice to those who asking certain questions. 

All the data that is collected is saved on a cloud server where the information is kept confidential and ready to access by the user. Information regarding the pregnancy can be shared on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as via text and email for others to view.

Medical relevance of the app

Back on the home page is a button on the top left corner, that when pressed, opens up a drop down screen where useful information can be accessed. 

For me, this is probably the most medically relevant and helpful part of the application that I feel will answer a lot of questions that pregnant women would want to ask their primary care doctors and obstetricians. 

These topics include the following:

  • Food safety lookup - the user can check for foods products that are safe or not safe to consume during their pregnancy. The list is comprehensive and extremely useful in preventing any health-related issues regarding the consumption of food that may be detrimental to the unborn baby.
  • Medication safety lookup - by far the most important aspect in pregnancy is knowing what medications pregnant mothers may or may not use. Also being a very comprehensive list, this helps mothers decide what medication will be safe to use and which will cause problems for their baby.
  • Symptoms lookup - a pregnant woman's physiology changes and this will result in signs and symptoms that will be different from other individuals. This list will help pregnant women look up symptoms that they are experiencing, and advice will be listed such as what home therapies can be used to alleviate the problem. Serious symptoms will be referred to the patient's doctors where necessary.



  • Free to download and use without any in-app purchases or advertisements.
  • A sleek design.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • The app has many calming colours and doesn't look overtly busy.
  • Contains a comprehensive list of medically relevant topics and advice sections.
  • Involves a personalized touch that follows the user's pregnancy week-by-week and their unique situation.
  • This is a complete package where every single detail of the pregnancy can be noted and saved.
  • Personally, I'm not a big fan of community forums as the wrong advice can be given and the information isn't monitored.

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