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Round Health by Circadian Design is the simple medication reminder app helping users remember to take their pills from an extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as supplements.


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App Interface Usability
Very easy to use with nice design
88 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app doesn't include multimedia
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Real World Usability
Useful only for iPhone users, but due to certain limitations not the perfect solution
65 pts

Many health conditions require patients take medications on daily basis. Missing a dose or taking more pills than prescribed could have detrimental effect on patient's health, often putting them at risk.

Staying on top of your medications and taking them exactly as prescribed is crucial for their efficiency. But keeping the track of medications you need to take could be bothersome, especially if there's more than one drug involved. 

This is the reason why many people use different reminders that help them remember not only when to take it, but also when they need refill, or to track their drug use. Mobile apps for both Android and iPhone made this tracking a lot easier.

On SteadyHealth we already reviewed several of those reminder and tracking apps, such as Medisafe Pill Reminder app, a simple medication reminder with pleasant design and easy-to-use interface, or Med Helper app, that not only reminds you to take your pills, but also helps you remember appointments with your doctor, or track your post-activity vitals.

The app we review today is Round Health made by Circadian Design. It's the medication reminder app with a simple task of helping users remember to take their pills that they can choose from an extensive list, which contains prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as supplements.

Round Health app is free to download and use. Users may choose to register the account in the app, which it's completely optional and helps users track their medication history and sync with other devices. Even if you choose not to register, you'd be able to use the fully-functional app.

Adding new medication is pretty straightforward. Just start typing a drug name in the search field and the auto-complete would finish the rest, meaning it would populate the drop down list as you type. For this review I decided to add two medications, first was Metformin, a diabetes drug, and another was NSAID Ibuprofen.

After choosing the medication from the list, you can choose the dosage from a list, which is provided for each drug differently, or you can simply enter a custom dose (if stated on prescription). Once the dose strength is chosen, users need to choose how they take the drug, i.e. scheduled or as needed.

Users then choose the time(s) at which the dose should be taken. This part is done quite intuitively with a circle that users can use as a sort of dial to set the time of the day. However, the circle is too small and easily covered by finger while you're "dialing", so times cannot be seen, and you might need to repeat this action until the right time is set. Some, less patient users may find this part frustrating. While it's certainly nice looking, there should be another option enabling users to enter the time manually.

Finally, users can set the reminders and be notified to take the medication three times within the chosen time window, i.e. at the beginning, middle, and end of the chosen window. This part is mandatory, which means that users must select it in order to receive notifications. This is another frustrating part, because if you need to take the same dose multiple times a day, you need to set each dose individually. There's no option to select multiple doses for the same drug at once.

To notify the app that you've taken the medication, you just have to tap a circle, which changes the color to green and adds a check mark. To see your weekly and monthly drug use, you can tap on icon that resembles pill pack and see a calendar showing all days you stayed adherent and marking them green.

Another thing that bothered me here is the lack of any details on drugs. Ok, I didn't expect formularies or pharmacology information, but simple info such as whether the drug should be taken before, after or with food, would be sufficient.

Users can also set the refill reminders with the number of pills remaining that will send notifications when they're running low on your meds, usually when there's only five pills remaining.

Unfortunately, Round Health app is available only for iPhone. On the bright side, it can be used on Apple smartwatch and send notifications there, so that patients never miss a pill reminder, even if they're away from their iPhone.

Overall, the Round Health app does a decent job in reminding users to stay adherent to their medication regimen. However, due to several reasons, mainly the lack of Android version, lack of multiple daily doses or additional info on medications, I would rather suggest users to choose other medication reminder apps.

Benefit: Useful for people who need medication reminder, but who only own iPhone or Apple Watch


  • Easy to add medications and set reminders
  • Support for Apple Watch
  • Not available for Android
  • No ability to set multiple daily doses of the same drug
  • No additional information on medications

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