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Living with diabetes is challenging, particularly tracking symptoms, healthy nutrition, and medications, which is all important for keeping blood sugar levels safely. Fortunately, many mobile apps help users to easily track and manage their diabetes.

According to CDC data, more than 29 million Americans or 9 percent of the population is affected by diabetes. However, the modern ages have made managing the condition easier than ever before, particularly thanks to earlier diagnoses, improved treatment tools, and better self-care.
The self-care requires patients to become proactive regarding their condition, which includes tracking blood glucose levels, eating healthy foods, exercising, taking medicines and sticking to their treatment plan. Tracking and managing diabetes is quite challenging, but numerous mobile apps that are widely available for iOS and Android help patients stick to their management plan and take control of their health.
Here, we list some of the popular mobile apps that could help diabetes patients manage their condition.

mySugr App

mySugr app is mobile logbook for Android and iPhone that uses innovative gamification approach to help diabetes patients track their daily habits in order to manage their diabetes and maintain their overall health. 
The game is simple. Users earn points they then use to "tame the diabetes monster." This symbolizes an effective day of diabetes management.
mySugr app is primarily designed for the patients using insulin for diabetes management patients, helping them estimate their A1c scores based on daily measurements of self-monitored blood glucose. The patients on oral medications and patients with other types of diabetes can use mySugr app as well.
The app is 'freemium', which means that it requires a Pro subscription at the price of $2.99/ month or $27.99/year if users want to use all features. The free version of the app is quite limited.

Our score: 70%
Links: Android, iOS

Diabetes Kit App

Diabetes Kit app is another logbook that is available only to diabetes patients owning an iPhone. It helps users easily track their glucose levels, carbs, medications, and activity thanks to easy-to-use and nicely designed interface.
Just like mySugr app, Diabetes Kit app is also available as both free and Premium. The free version of the app provides users with basic tracking and logging options for glucose levels, medications, carbs consumed and vitals. Premium version unlocks additional features, including reminders, using the app in offline mode, ability to generate PDF reports, and much more.
However, although the app allows diabetes patients to add nutrition, medication, vitals and weight, they can only track blood glucose and activity (steps), which paired with unavailability for Android devices, makes this app somewhat limited solution.

Our score: 78%
Links: iOS

SocialDiabetes App

SocialDiabetes is an app for patients with Type 1 and Type 2, as well as gestational and LADA diabetes, helping them keep track of their blood glucose levels, food, and calorie intake, as well as insulin administration.
What makes this app different is its social part, which is missing in the free version, i.e. the users have no option to connect to the cloud and interact and share recipes with other app users.
A social feature that is referenced in the app's name is perhaps only available if you purchase a premium account. However, the app doesn't indicate if this feature (or any other feature) is included in the premium version.

Our score: 75%
Links: Android, iOS

Diabetes in Check App

Diabetes in Check app was designed by a certified diabetes educator, providing various tools to specifically help manage type 2 diabetes. 
The app promises to help users lower their blood glucose levels, get more active, eat healthier,  and manage their weight. 
In addition to the standard tracking metrics Diabetes in Check app also includes digital coaching, personalized meal plans with recipes and lot of educational info.
Users are enabled to share the data they track with their doctors. Also, they could seek for support, by asking questions or read other experiences and success stories on the app's community message boards.
Diabetes in Check is, however, only available on iOS devices.

Our score: 90%
Links: iOS

OnTrack Diabetes App

Diabetes patients who don't own iPhone can choose OnTrack Diabetes app, which is made exclusively for Android devices.
Just like the other diabetes tracker apps, OnTrack Diabetes allow users to quickly and easily track blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, food they eat, their weight, and other health metrics.
Users can also personalize the interface by adding or editing categories to suit their needs and add daily reminders. The app also allows users to generate detailed graphs and reports and share them with their physicians.

Our score: N/A
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Diabetes Tracker App by MyNetDiary

Diabetes Tracker app designed by MyNetDiary is simple and comprehensive diabetes tracker app for the iPhone and Android. 
The app is designed for Type 1, Type 2, Pre-diabetes and Gestational diabetes, focusing on coaching users on how to lose weight and stay fit. By showing what really affects their blood glucose the app helps user start changing their lifestyle.
Diabetes Tracker app includes a comprehensive set of tools that are based on evidence-based guidelines with a goal to help diabetes patients manage their condition.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

Diabetes Connect App

Diabetes Connect app helps diabetes patients track and record all their diabetes-related data fast and easy, including blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medication and much more.
The app is suitable for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients. It can be downloaded and used initially for free. However, it requires the premium purchase to unlock all features.
All data collected in this app can be synced over multiple devices, keeping your documentation up to date. 
The app features clean graphs and statistics helping users get a perfect overview of your current diabetes therapy, which can be exported as PDF file and shared with the doctor.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

Glooko App

Glooko app is one of the most popular solutions for diabetes patients. It helps users track medication usage, count carbs, and understand how certain foods, activities, times of the day, and medication doses affect their blood glucose (BG), thus allowing for easier diabetes management. 
Glooko app integrates all the data from many blood glucose meters (BG), insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, as well as popular fitness trackers, such as Fitbit or Jawbone UP. 
The app generates graphs and charts allowing users to see their progress in real time, anticipate trends, and share the results with their doctors. It also allows users to set reminders to make sure they don't miss a meal or dose. 
However, in order to sync their data to Glooko app, diabetes patients must purchase a Glooko subscription for $59.95 per year.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

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