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93 pts
Health Mate app made by Withings for Android and iPhone features a comprehensive suite of tools for users to measure and track various health stats such as weight, activity levels, heart rate, sleep and nutrition.


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App Interface Usability
Intuitive and easy to use
92 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app features images and utilizes phone camera
86 pts
Real World Usability
Very useful app for anyone looking for multi-functional health and activity tracker
93 pts

When health and activity tracker apps were introduced into the mobile market and stores several years ago, they weren't multi-functional, meaning that they were designed to only measure and track one thing, such as weight, heart rate, or steps. These single-purpose apps soon became obsolete, because most people wanted to track multiple things with one app.

That's why we now have mobile apps that are more capable of measuring and tracking a variety of health statistics, also being able to interpret those measurements and give users a better insight in their overall health.

That certainly doesn't mean that the health and activity apps that track only one thing ceased to exist, but people rather choose apps that can track and measure multiple stats.

Many of these apps are made for both Android and iOS devices for free, but lots of them also offer additional features that can enhance the experience and that usually require money. Some of these apps are made to complement physical health and fitness devices, such as FitBit, Jawbone, MyFitnessPal, while a lot of them may work as stand-alone apps, relying on your phone's sensors. 

Whether they're single- or multi-functional, or companion or stand-alone, these tracker apps share one common trait and goal. Through tracking and measuring, they guide users' lifestyle choices with an aim to improve their health.

Withings, a well-known name in health and fitness industry (now owned by Nokia) made Health Mate app, a free multi-functional health and activity tracker for Android and iPhone. Intended to work with Withings gadgets and devices, it can also work as stand-alone tracker that utilizes phone's sensors.

Health Mate app features a comprehensive suite of tools for users to measure and track various health stats such as weight, activity levels, heart rate, sleep and nutrition.

Upon opening, the app will offer to take you through the quick tour, although it's unnecessary because Health Mate app is straightforward and easy to use.

It will also require you to create an account, by providing some information about yourself, including some stats such as height and weight, and to choose whether you want to connect a device or keep using phone's sensors.

Great thing about this app is that users can add multiple accounts so it's not just individual tracker, but can be used to monitor your family's health and track their progress as well.

The app opens to the Timeline screen, where users can see their stats and start tracking their activity by tapping on plus symbol. Activities are color coded, which means that each activity is presented with a different color. 

Adding activities is really simple. For example if you want to track your weight, you can enter your current weight, and then your goal along with the pace (lb/week) you'd like to reach your goal at. This is done very intuitively. Basically, you just need to slide the screen up or down using your finger to change the values.

It would be nice if the app has BMI indicator, meaning that it notifies user if they're overweight. I've purposefully put that I weighed more, but the app didn't suggested that I should lose some weight or offer the suggestion on what the ideal weight based on my height should be.

Other trackers have different input methods. For example, heart rate tracker utilizes your phone camera to measure your pulse. You just need to cover camera with your index finger and the app calculates your heart rate automatically.

In Activity tracker users can tap on activities they've done during the day, along with time and distance. Activities are arranged and listed across several pages, covering almost anything from walking to ice skating. The app also allows users to add their own activity (if it's not already listed).

Some trackers, such as Blood Pressure monitor requires manual entry, while Food tracker will require users to install MyFitnessPal app that we already reviewed on SteadyHealth. This app is among several partner apps that could be connected to Health Mate, including Apple Health, RunKeeper, and more.

There is also Step Tracker that, once activated, counts your steps and tracks your running, using your phone sensors. Health Mate app allows users to invite their friends and challenge them in this weekly step goal and check the results in Leaderboard.

Users can check their stats on the Dashboard that features wellness levels, with every level based on a different color and placed in a figure that resembles wings of the butterfly. 

Health Mate app also features reminders that can be set and thus help users be more active, sleep better, or lose weight. Each reminder contains quick tips on importance of certain step and when it should be performed that users can read before they set the timer.

Health Mate app design is very appealing with modern looking interface and colorful palette. While there are many colors on screen, they don't distract users from important features. Navigation is quite easy and smooth, and overall user experience is great.

I can only conclude that Health Mate is an amazing app that offers a plethora of options to its users, allowing them to track their weight, activity, nutrition, sleep and other important parameters in a simple and intuitive manner.

Benefit: All users that need good multi-functional health and activity tracker for themselves or their family will find this app useful


  • Elegant and colorful design with intuitive interface
  • Ability to track weight, activity, heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition and sleep
  • Supports multiple users
  • The app includes reminders
  • Integration with other apps and devices
  • Nothing bad to say about this app, except that it perhaps lack BMI indicator

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