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im 19 years old and over the past few months i have not been able to maintain and sometimes get an erection.
i eat a healthy diet, exercise regualy, masterbate 3 - 4 times weekly and have no pre existing health issues, but i can hardly ever maintain an erection.
i never wake up with "morning wood" anymore and only seem to get a semi erection, with or without a girl..
iv tryed going a week without masterbating, although it worked slightly it still didnt feel like a full erection like i used to get..
im to shy to go to the doctor about it, any feedback would be appretiated. its really getting me down.



I feel your pain man, i got the same problem im trying the week thing right now tbh seems to be getting better but not as it used to be its still semi but i can get it up more often then i use to.

i was with a girl last friday and i was rubbing her p**sy and all that and i still wouldnt realy go erect it did after about 30 minutes randomly but still it was only semi.. :-( i need help with this aswell


Hopefully this helps,

Your liver is what helps regulate your sex hormones in the body, your liver is also what cleans out the junk in your body. If your liver is all clogged up then it can't regulate the sex hormones that help you have an erection. Things that cause erectile dysfunction:
1) RED BULL or any kind of energy drink
2) alcohol
3) alco + red bull combo
4) cardiovascular problems
5) diabetes
6) stress
7) any type of circulation problems
8) JUNK food

Some natural ways of helping your body to clean your liver is:
1) when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach drink lemon water at room temperature NO sugar.
2) any type of beets
3) liver cleaning tea (not sure of the name)

Please see your doctor about getting your blood checked to the very least, there might be a serious problem. If you can't find any problems try finding a registered homeopath or accupunture. It might work.


another liver detox vitamin is milk thistle

as an addition, caffeine and tobacco are culprits w/ male erections


and some supplements can help w/ sexual problems....longjack, tribulus territus...

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Sir... Can i ask? Masturbate or Premature ejaculate can cause of erection dysfunction?


Yes...over masturbation does